Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Not Here Today...

Okay, actually I am but not really.  Today I'm helping Shannon out over on luvinthemommyhood with a quick (well quick for me) post about yarn and how to understand the yarns we love so much.  As you all know I love to knit so much and well since my bestie taught me not only how to knit but how to understand fibers I've got a few things to say so hop on over and see what I've got to say.


While you're at it check out her Summer Sweater Knit Along.


I'm tossing my sticks in the ring and I've got yarn itching to get looped, twisted, and turn up into a gorgeous sweater!



  1. Wow, Buffy! Congrats on your guest post!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Really, I think it is more of a co-post as Shannon found all those lovely images, all I had to do was just write a few things about fiber. It was tough really tough jk ;)


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