Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Post a Comment

I thought I should show you all how to post a comment on my blog.  I know, I know some of you already KNOW how to do this so feel free to skip today's post stay tuned and you might get a surprise at the bottom.   However, I know that I do have readers who would like to comment but haven't been able to figure it out.  For you I bring you today's post.

The above picture is what it looks like between blog posts.  See the star?  Right by the words '1 Friendly Thoughts'  That is the link button to the comment form.  Click on it with your mouse.  You should then see this:

The big green star shows you where the comment box is.  Click on the open box and your cursor should appear.  Then start writing your lovely comment to me :)

The blue star shows what your comment looks like in the box.  When you've finished your thought there is a little text box that has a label 'Comment as'  This is where you get to tell me who it is that is commenting.  Now, since you're uncertain about how to comment you'll scroll to the bottom of the list option and pick either 'Name/URL' or 'Anonymous' follow the prompts from blogger then click on the button 'Post Comment' indicated by the orange arrow.

Congratulations!  You've just posted your comment!  Oh Yeah!  Go ahead and do your happy dance.

I really do love to hear from you guys.  I get email alerts when you leave a comment so I never miss one.  When days are low on the encouragement meter I hop on over and re-read all your lovely comments!

There you have it!  Commenting made easy.

Now that you have new blog commenting skills try it out.  Leave me a 'Friendly Thought' or maybe two or three.  In a week (June 24, 2011) I'll tally up the comments and for each one you leave I'll put your name in a drawing for something fun.  Since I'm allowing multiple entries (okay, I'll limit it to 5 per person)  I'm going to leave the prize a surprise, but I promise it will be lovely and most likely crafting related!


So tell me what do you think you might win?  What do you hope I'll give away?  How has your week been?  See the possibilities are endless of what you could say!  So test out your mad commenting skills and enter in the fun!

*Giveaway Closed* comments still open for practice


  1. My week has been ok. My daughter is 5 and is going through a phase. She's wonderful, but I miss my sweet little girl. I keep telling myself that it's just a phase and it will pass. This is my job as mommy and it will pass. She's staying with my mother tonight for a break for all of us.

  2. Great post for my mom who still struggles with how to comment on my blog! Today is the last day of school here! The kids are super excited and we're off to the library to check out books and sign up for the Summer Reading Program. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Ooooh! How fun! You are so good with the little directions and stars. Yayy!

  4. I just recently started following your blog. I can't remember exactly how I stumbled over here, but I'm sure you know how that goes! Here's my lovely thought: you have a lovely blog!

  5. The directions are awesome Buffy! I had to call Sara the first time I posted here...not too blog oriented! LOL

  6. I like all you posts, they are all very informative and useful. This one is not the exception! Thank you very much for you work and keep up!


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