Monday, June 27, 2011

A Very Happy Monday!!!


So I'm sitting at my computer writing this Friday afternoon knowing that you won't read this until Monday and that is okay.  You might find it strange, however I have found that in order to keep up with the blog here I've got to be planned and to by planned I mean I have to schedule my posts on blogger.  

How is it that I know on Friday that on Monday I will be excited?  Well that is because I get the day to myself!!!!!  Yes, just me and no one to fuss over, no one to break up fights for, no one to worry about food except me.  Okay, jump up and down with me now...

Source Moment Junkie via Brad Ross

Now you're probably wondering how I managed this but really it is just a belated Mother's Day gift from Husband.  He wrote in my card that I could have a day to myself for sewing or go into town to shop or whatever without kids.  I'm sure you're shocked that I've made it this long but really this is the first day that has worked without making Husband take a day off.

What will I do with my day of freedom?  Well, I may run a couple of errands but most of my time will be spent at my in-laws in front of a sewing machine!  Yes, I'ma gonna sew today.  I have several projects that I'd really like to finish and need uninterrupted time to do it.  So with any luck I'll have some project updates and be really rested for another full week!


How was your weekend?  Did you get any crafting done?  Is there some big event you're looking forward too?  Please share, leave me a comment and brighten my day!


  1. Ohhhhh! Lucky you! Enjoy every second...even if it means relaxing and playing, instead of stressing yourself out to get a ton done.

  2. how wonderful!!! i'm sure you are going to have an incredible day! xo


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