Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Days In (or 1 hour)

Can you believe it!  Today is the 3rd day of our 30 day challenge to purge our houses of all the things that consume us.  Wait...let me go run and do my 20 minutes...
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Thanks for waiting.  Ahh, I feel better.  I just took out a bag and a box to the suburban for Goodwill and had 2 bags of garbage along with a box of it too!  Now before you start thinking I'm some super tosser and feeling really bad I want you to remember the 3rd guideline...take it out immediately to your car or garbage can.  Yes, I admit that I am not always great on that point so some of that garbage and stuff to giveaway was already to go out before I started my timer.

So now that we're an hour in on time how are you guys feeling?  Are you amazed at what you can truly accomplish in just 20-minutes a day.  I know that the first thing I did was clean out Thaddeus' crib (long story short he sleeps in a portable crib in another room and we haven't moved his crib yet and sadly it became a storage/catchall area).  To be honest I had been putting that off for quite a while, I just didn't feel like I had the time to clean it out and go through everything.  Yet in just one day it was almost done (imagine lots of clean laundry, yarn, books, magazines and odds and ends up to the top of the crib set at the lowest setting).

It is so nice to see things, find things and actually feel at peace when you go into your room at night.  I did however come across a slight problem.  I love bags!  Really I do and I use them frequently but I still need a great storage idea.  Not sure what to do.  Ideas?  I'd love it if you have one.

Also, I think I'm going to have to sit down for a while and go through my yarn and needles and just organize.  A time completely separate from my 20-minute challenge but I'm finding it will be most necessary soon.

I'm not sure if I've ever said it but my ultimate goal in life is to leave this world for the other with only a box full of personal belongings.  I want to hold all things I get loosely, like sand in my hands, so that they are always open for the people around me.

I hope you all have a great weekend and keep working towards your goals!


Please leave a Friendly Thought below sharing your progress.  Any progress is better than nothing.  If you have a blog or a site that has pictures of what you've done post the link below I'd love to see them!  Remember it is only 20-minutes a day and if this Momma of 5 can do it so can you!


  1. Love your challenge. Here's a tip my mom uses for her many, many bags. Hang them all on a standing coat rack. Make it your bag coats allowed. Or use a hook system hanging on the wall just for your bags. I love bags too! Good luck!

  2. Michelle, I thought about having hooks for my bags, but a bag rack sounds much more fun. Especially if I could snag one at a yard sale this summer. I may have to invite myself over to your mom's to check out hers.

    Bags are one of the coolest things ever! I like to have them for all my knitting projects on the go along with multiple 'in town' bags for the kiddos.


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