Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Weekend Road Trip...Part 1

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.  I know we did!  For starters we only had THREE of our little ones at home because the other two got to go spend it with my family in Eugene, Oregon.  Yes, Lincoln and Elsa both got to spend a couple days with their Nana, Papa, and Auntie Renae along with a couple dogs and a few chickens ;)

However, my family lives about 9 hours from us and because it was to be such a short trip we met them about half way.  Can you say ROAD TRIP?!  Yes, it was a lot of driving, but for anyone who has children (especially those with many kids) any chance you get to reduce the noise in your house is worth it!  Besides it really was a lot of fun.

Early Saturday morning I got up with Lincoln, Samuel & Elsa and we hit the road.  The other two got to spend the night with their grandparents here in town, because Husband works on Saturday's :( , and we started off...

Starting off!  They're pretty alert for 0530 huh?

We didn't dawdle too much on the way down in the morning.  I wanted Lincoln and Elsa to be able to spend as much time as they could with my family.  I was however able to get this quick pic from the car...

The weather was perfect for driving.  Not too hot, not too cold and because we left so early on Saturday morning the traffic was almost non existent (I mean we were on the road).  Once we arrived we met up with my Mom, Sister and her friend that had come along for the drive at the restaurant and inn Cousins.  It was fun, but a reminder of how my kids don't eat out much, a mental note has been made to play restaurant with the kids so they are more prepared for proper behavior in said setting (note, they weren't horrible just unaccustomed).

That cookie was HUGE!  I think it was even bigger than Lincoln's head :)  The boys loved that there was an actual tractor in the restaurant but were upset that they couldn't sit on it.  Not to despair...

There was one outside they could lounge on!  However, soon it was time to say goodbye and start on the next chapter of our journey...

That is my sister with Samuel, who came back home with me.  Before we left The Dalles I had to stop in at the local yarn shop, The Whole Ball of Yarn.  It was perfect!  Not only did she have wonderful yarn, but she was also have a sale I was good and only brought back 3 balls!  I know, crazy me.  It was really a move out of self preservation because I was hoping to find more yarn shops on the way home (I didn't, but more on that later).  I bought this yummy yarn...

The yarn is Queensland Leche (duh, you can see the label) and it is 40% Extrafine Merino Wool, 30% Microfiber, 20% Milk Protein, 10% is super duper cushy and soft and I wish I had bought enough for a sweater but didn't have that kind of cash...maybe another time right?
After finishing up at the yarn shop we stopped at the thrift shop that was right next to it.  I fell in love with it.  It was clean (big plus), had great stuff well organized and this...

Yes that is Wool...there are no ball bands but I'm thinking it's Lamb's Pride...or something similar but it is cushy, Aran Weight and definitely is a little scratchy but not horrid.  I'm think a shawlette with descending colors?  Not sure, but there is some serious yardage and get cost me $2.50!  I know, I practically stole it :)

However I didn't just get the yarn, there was all these cozy finds too...

1) Vintage Sheet, full size $2, 2) Girlie Skull Cotton Knit Fabric, approx. 1/2 yd. $.50
3) Twill fabric, 2yds $1, 4) Cotton Poly blend double knit fabric, 3 yds $1

Did I score or what?!  I know, if the yarn wasn't enough of a deal I came home with all this delicious fabric!  Yet there is more...

1) GAP skirt, 2) Price tag, 3) Fabric Tag
Can you believe that not only did I find this amazing skirt, that I paid $3.75 but it was originally $54!  STEAL!  Then add in the fact that the skirt is 100% silk....  I couldn't pass it up, but sadly the skirt is a little small for me and really not a great style for my post-five-babies-body yet don't despair this beauty will make a great something else...I'm thinking summer top?  What do ya think?

Though I did find something that made my heart stop...

I don't think you people realize how much I LOVE mugs...I mean I absolutely adore them.  Especially ones like this.  Ceramic.  Speckled Glaze.  Two colors.  I could have a wall full...well if I keep finding them I will ;)

Obviously it wouldn't be cost effective to drive 270 miles one-way just to visit a yarn shop and ah-maz-ing thrift shop but now that I have found these quaint shops I think our stops in The Dalles when driving down to visit the fam might just get longer...

There is so much more about our trip to share and I haven't even finished the first half!  Yet, my kids seem to think they need a Momma and not a blogger...shocking I know.  So I promise to share the rest soon (okay I really don't want to give away all my fun stuff all at once, you might get bored with me if I did).  


So how was your weekend?  Have any of you been to a great thrift shop lately?  Yarn and fabric goodies you've found for a steal?  Please share!  Also, don't forget about the 20-Minute Challenge!  I'm gonna work on it after the kids are in bed tonight.


  1. ohmygoodness! you scored!!! and you and me both have a thing for mugs. i'll do a special post just for you. that mug is beautiful! i can't wait to see what you make with all of your yarn and fabric! woot woot! what a great trip!

  2. I'm excited to see your mug collection...hmmm now I'm thinking it would be fun to show mine off too. Better wait for a better camera though :/

    It was a fabulous trip and I still have more to share.


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