Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Hat!

Wow!  I can hardly believe it is Monday, the first full week of June and I'm 6 days into my challenge.  Crazy.  I remember as a child adults always saying how time flew by and thinking 'yeah right' because to a five-year-old time moves at a snail's pace.  Probably because you don't have as many responsibilites ;)

This weekend was tough for me in that Saturday I didn't want to be around anyone!  For those of you who know me really well, that says a lot.  I love people.  I love being around people.  I love chatting and getting together.  Yet Saturday I was on people overload.  If I could have gotten away from myself I would have ;)  Yet with some deep introspection (I spent 10 minutes thinking instead of my usual 2) I realized the trouble was a busy schedule last week coupled with the fact that I hadn't made anything in over a week.  Poor Greta, I hadn't gone near her in over a week.

Husband, being wonderful like always, took the four boys yesterday afternoon and Greta and I spent some quality time together.  For those of you wondering about the princess, she was napping.  I worked on a skirt for myself, but I was really looking for an easy, instant gratification project that would just boost sewer morale.  I tried another project (I'm keeping it hush hush for now) but the moment it became complicated I put it aside.  This just left a hat project for the princess.  I looked at the 14 pieces and wondered if it might be possible?  Could I really sew them all together without mishap and feel rejuventated?  It was worth a shot right?

Don't you love her facial expression?

I think it is adorable.  I even added a fabric button to the top because my points didn't match perfectly.  I completely expect this to become a summer standard accessory.

 Well that is all I have for you today.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with more on our 20-Minute Challenge!


Did you have a fun weekend?  Are there times when you just don't want to be around anyone?  Grab a glass of water, pull up a lawn chair and let's chat!


  1. Super cute hat! I always feel better after I create something too!

  2. Thanks Michelle! It was really fun to make. It could have been reversible except that I made a boo-boo on the lining...oh well :) Elsa still has a cute hat.


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