Friday, April 15, 2011

Fearless Friday

Week Two of my new segment and what area of my house am I going to show off next?  Hmm, I'm sure you're all waiting on pins and needles.  Well, I think I shall show you what I'm always battling,..

                                                        the Laundry!  

Yes is it true.  That while I wish my laundry piles looked more like this:

it really looks more like this:

and that's after doing the laundry all day!

It spills out onto the hall floors…

and when it is clean does it get put away neatly like this?

{Source closet-shelf via Valerie Neuschwander via pinterest}

Noooo, it amasses itself on what what most people call a couch…

I sure hope you all feel better, cause laundry for 7 people…one of which is a little girl who needs at least 2 outfits a day just because one is never enough for a fashionable girl like her.

Please leave a comment below.  Share a friendly tip about containing the monster that is dirty laundry.  What is your very best stain removal tip?  Tell me if you do laundry every day (like me) or once a week. Come on, I doubt very much that you just buy clothes when your soil your clothes so let's chat!

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  1. I wish I could do laundry everyday! It's the laundromat for us and by the time I go it is a huge pile that fills our closet. One awesome thing about the laundromat is that it always smells good! I have no tips for containing laundry or removing stains....I'm not much help am I?! lol


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