Monday, April 18, 2011

Come Meet The French Chef!

So I might have forgotten to mention last week that our mixer died.  I mean, kaput…no more mixing… in the middle of making dinner.  Yeah, really fun, NOT!  It wasn't that much of a surprise (well at least for me it wasn't) and to be fair the mixer had lasted at least 34 years (my dear MIL gave it to Husband when he moved out and she had received it from her mother, we keep appliances in the family).

Husband, the wonderful saving man that he is, tried to fix it.  He did get it to work again, but it lasted only a day.  Yes, it was time for a new mixer.  Plus the one we had was a small 4 quart and with 5 kiddos we needed an upgrade.  Fortunately Costco had a coupon for $50 off their KitchenAid mixer but wait there's more…my dear, wonderful, fabulous, and nearly perfect in-laws BOUGHT it for us!  Ahhh, it was so wonderful.  Especially when we got it out of the box and realized that it didn't fit on the counter where our old one was.  Yup!  It is big.

However I spent all morning Saturday reorganizing the counters, cleaning out cupboards and I found a spot where it fits.  It was a good thing the in-laws bought it or else Husband might have returned it and found a smaller one (no, good to my way of thinking).  By a vote of the children we have named him The French Chef…yes, I name appliances (well only a few, the fridge and the microwave don't have names).

 Here he is still in the box, as you can see I chose RED...

Lincoln and Samuel were so excited about the new mixer I couldn't get a good picture.  This was the best I could do...

The French Chef himself, 

Vinny was excited Elsa was impressed,

This is when they found out we got to keep it.  As you can tell Vinny's pretty proud while Elsa is a mixture of amazement and pure delight.

This is how Thaddeus felt about the possibility of getting an ice cream maker attachment,

The size difference, impressive.

Even the hooks are impressed by the size.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  As you can imagine more tasty treats will be coming forth from my kitchen, especially since I have a French Chef to help me ;)  In fact I have been spotted of late taking pictures of my food and if you're especially good I might share.  Some have mentioned that red makes it go faster, I don't know if that's true but then the only one I have to compare it too was over 30 years old.

Have a great day!


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  1. A kitchen is not complete without a Kitchen Aid Mixer! Enjoy your slick new one! I love red! Maybe you'll need to change the colors of your kitchen to match the mixer!?


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