Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sharing Day! Well for me at least :)

So my dear friend Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood posted a series of words as questions and invited her friends to answer them as well as a chance for us all to get to know each other better.  As you know there is nothing I love more than sharing.  So please either cut and paste this to your blog if you have one, or post your answers in the comment section!

Making : summer shirts, shorts and dresses for all my kids (the dresses are for Elsa)
Cooking : I've been making Angel Food cake a lot around here...3 cakes in as many weeks! I am on a quest for that perfect blend of gluten free flours so that my cake is light and springy and not dense and small.
Drinking : water
Reading: well I just came back from the library yesterday and haven't actually started anything yet...but suffice to say I've got several craft books and a few fiction novels
Wanting: a trench dress for spring and summer
Looking: Elsa and Thaddeus playing with cars
Playing: hooky from the responsibilities of being Momma
Wasting: cleaning time
Sewing: an Easter dress for Elsa
Wishing: for a date night with Husband
Enjoying: the near quiet state my house is in before my bedtime
Waiting: to hear from my friend about something I wrote...
Liking: the customer service I got at a quilt shop I stopped at just to look around
Wondering: when Lincoln will break out of his funky behavior
Loving: the text messages Husband sends me throughout the day
Hoping: that I can get everything done today without going crazy
Marvelling: at how blessed I am to have such a beautiful daughter (mind you I love my boys, but Elsa pulls a different string)
Needing: interfacing...boring but true
Smelling: the needs to go outside...I know TMI
Wearing: jeans, t-shirt and the awesome military style jacket I swooped up at Plato's Closet for $7!
Following: my friends on facebook
Noticing: that I pulled a grey hair out this morning
Knowing: that my husband loves me but still excited that I lost weight this week
Thinking: of a romance book I want to write...crazy I know
Bookmarking: calorie counting & burning websites
Opening: pandora's box of creative ideas
Giggling: over Samuel's deep voice
Feeling: ready to conquer the is in need of some TLC

Also be sure to check out her new blog Versus!  All next month she's going to be hosting the fight of the century, Comfy Sews vs. Cozy Knits!  It's gonna be a great month of ideas to help launch us all into Spring and Summer with some Comfy Sews and Cozy Knits.  So pick a side or just sit on the fence and enjoy the whole show…it's gonna be awesome.

And because I can't go too long between posts without a picture of at least one of my kids:
Here is Thaddeus enjoying his birthday cake!
Angel Food with Blueberry sauce and real whipped cream

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  1. Ohhh, thanks for joining in Buffy! A romance novel eh? FAB!!!!!!! You so need to do that! I'm gonna nag you about it now..haha.


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