Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weight Loss Plan: Set Backs to Learn From

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Well as I'm sure you can tell by the title I've experienced a set back.  It happens to every plan you make, life just doesn't happen the way you want or expect and right now I'm okay with it.  This past week was anything but normal and when life gets crazy you tend to revert back to old habits.  Yes, I snacked more and no I didn't drink as much water.

I did try very hard though to eat more evenly throughout the day.  By doing so I learned a valuable lesson…I get cranky when I haven't eaten for a while.  Last Tuesday, the first day of my goal, I ate exactly as I had planned.  Come Wednesday I realized that Fun Mom had showed up again on Tuesday. I had more patience, more grace and mercy for my kids and wow was that nice!  Knowing that makes me think of when I last ate when I start to get a little snarky.  Just yesterday I nearly bit of Husband's head (which I of course quickly apologized and owned up the responsibility too) but afterward's I sat down and had a snack.  Once food was in my tummy I felt so much better.  I could really think about what had just happened and wasn't so emotional.  So this is definitely something I will practice!

Other good news is that I wore a dress that was just a little too big yesterday!  This dress is one that I've always had to wear my tummy tucking lycra undergarments.  So this is great news!  My jeans are getting a little baggy on me and I'm planning on cutting out patterns the next smaller size next time.  I am ever so glad that spring is finally deciding to Spring and that means more skirts and dresses in the future!

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The Bad News/Set Back:
I gained 1.6 pounds this past week.  What I've learned is that I MUST drink water.  Every. Single. Day.
French Fries from Zips are a thing of the past :(

The Good News:
I lost an inch from my hips and 1/2 inch

So the goal this week is to remember to drink water.  At least 6- 8 oz glasses everyday.  Also, to continue eating even meals throughout the day.

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How did your week go?  Setbacks?  Super weight loss?  How do you feel?  Also if you have any fabulous tricks to getting enough water everyday please share!  Have a great week!