Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Healthy Goals:Week Two

Well, it is Tuesday again…strange how that happens every week.  So I've officially been at my weight loss plan a whole week and this is what I've determined so far:

-it was much easier when I was still just planning.  I think when you declare that you are really going to do something and not just plan suddenly your brain thinks differently and it becomes harder.

-I need to eat more throughout the day, not just all at night.  Tracking calories has made me really aware of my food intake and since I don't want to make it to dinner and have no calories left I eat sparingly in the morning and then have like 800 calories left at 9pm. This isn't good.

-You have to go to the bathroom more when you drink water…with 5 kids at home this isn't always a great thing ;)

All in all the week was good.  Total Weight Loss for the week was 2.4 pounds! I definitely earned my sticker this week.  Later tonight I'll head over to the library, sans kids, for a little momma time and to pay on a fine (yes it is true, I'm a book hoarder).  Hopefully as time goes on this will get easier.

Onto this weeks goal.  Since I now know when I'm hungry and when I'm thirsty and have for the most part kicked the snacking in my diet (you have no idea how many M & M's I've turned down) I think what I need to work on is evenly distributing my food throughout the day.  Since I've been tracking my food and exercise for about 3 weeks I know that I burn about 200-300 calories a day doing ordinary household chores.  Since I'm trying to consume about 1560 calories a day add 200 calories for exercise that's 1760 calories of intake for the day.  If you divide that by 3 you get about 587 but since eating only 3 times a day isn't great for you I'm going to shoot for meals of about 400 calories 3 times a day and 2 snacks of 280 calories.

Obviously that is a lot of math and numbers and I'm not going to stress about 25 calories in either direction.  However, I really need to focus not just on my caloric intake but a consistent blood sugar level.  Also, since I'm drinking more water I'm going to try to get at least 6 cups of water in each day.

Enough about me how about you?  Tell me what are you focusing on this week?  How was your last week?  Remember this is about good health not just looking good.


  1. Great weight loss congrats! I just started a new lifestyle class last week and I averaged 2 lbs last week.

    Try raw veggies for your snacks. Try baby carrots, grape tomatoes and things like brocoli and cauliflower for snacks. Also fresh fruits...I am partial to navel oranges and blueberries. I use Wishbone Salad Spritzers on my veggies..the caesar only has 1 calorie a spray and 10 sprays is technically a serving I usually average 20 for a good sized salad. Also olives, cilantro and a smidge of parmesan are excellent toppers for raw veggies to give them added flavor. I portion out my exact serving of veggies into baggies and add my toppers so that the flavor can really sink in to the veggies later when I eat them at work. The plan that i am following allows for unlimited raw veggies and cooked
    (except the starchy veggies)as long as the cooking is done in a sensible manner
    (no butter or sour cream, etc.)
    Most veggies even steamed or baked have less than 50 calories in them with stuff added to enhance flavor.

    Keep it up...it is hard.

    I write down in a journal how I FEEL when I eat and it has been helping me to learn how to deal with my emotional eating.

  2. Thanks Jennifer for your awesome input! I was grocery shopping this afternoon and picked up a bottle of wishbone spritzer…I'm excited to try it tomorrow :)

    Also I love that you're journaling about your feelings as well. For a lot of us food is so emotional, I am so happy you have found a way to help combat that all too powerful enemy…ourself.

    I'll definitely take your thoughts in mind as I come up with more weekly goals.



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