Monday, March 28, 2011

A Deceptively Delicious Gift

Well I think it's time for another tutorial, what about you?  Yes!  Well since you've twisted my arm ;)  I know that I saw this idea in a magazine somewhere long, long, long ago so it isn't my idea.  I would totally link up to where I found it if I could remember where I saw...I know hard to believe.  Anyway, if you find out where it is somewhere else online please let me know and I will quick as a wink linkadoo that puppy.  I hate to not give credit to the person who created it, as it is fabulous!

Now onto the craftiness...

As the school year starts winding down for the year you might suddenly find yourself in need of a few gifts, maybe for a teacher or perhaps a behind the scenes person.  You're not sure exactly what they might like and you don't want to spend a lot...well here is the gift for you: Candy in a Can!

Supplies Needed:
-a fancy can opener that doesn't cut the can but unglues it
-pull top can of anything you like...or if you have a can of something you hate with this lid then by all means use it!
-cardstock/fancy scrapbook paper
-super glue
-tissue paper
-other glue (I used hot glue but anything that dries fast will work fine)

Optional Supplies:
-roller stamps
-stamps & stamp pads

First you will have to open your pull top can...from the bottom!  This is important.

Nice clean cans.
Next, you can either eat the stuff from your can or if you're using a can of something you hate, throw it out.  Wash out your can and need both.
This is what I mean by a pull top can.

Next fill your can with your candy.  Stuff with tissue paper if desired.
Mmmm, yummy candy.

Glue lid back on with super glue.  Watch your fingers as they don't mix well with super glue ;)
I like this one, not only does it have a brush but it's
purple wet so you know when it is dry.

While your can is drying you can now take your piece of card stock and stamp it.  I chose to use my roller stamp as it was fun and fast.  Of course if you don't have a roller stamp or stamps of any kind just go find the prettiest paper (or ugliest if it's a gag gift) in the scrapbooking section of your craft store and use that.
My roller stamps
Finished card stock

Measure your cans circumference, this is the measurement around the can, add about a 1/2 inch for overlap.  Then measure the height of the can.  Take these measurements and transfer them to your 'label' paper for your new can.  Mine were 4.5"h x 11"l

Cut out and glue 'label' on your can.

Sit back and admire your lovely candy can and think of how deceptive your gift will be and how grateful the recipient will be.

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