Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Backpack for a New Preschooler

Vinny started preschool last Monday.  We were so excited and we still are.  Of course it was rather quick and we had to run around collecting information and gathering much needed supplies.  Supplies that included fabric to make a backpack and lunch box.  They eat lunch at school and with Vinny's Gluten Free diet I pack him his own lunch but all the other kids just eat hot lunch that is provided for them.

However, even for this super mom a weekend just wasn't enough time to finish up Samuel's shirts and make a lunch and backpack.  Since I procrastinated like a crazy girl in sewing up Samuel's shirts I was a little sewed out for the I took a few days break then came back sewing.  I was so close to being finished Friday and then the iron died...I mean dead as a door knob (how dead are door knobs anyway?) I had to put it on hold but came back with a great finish today.  I actually finished it before preschool started (he's in the afternoon class) so Mr. Vinny wore it to school.

The Front View

The Topstitching

The Back View

The quilted bottom - nice even squares if I do say so myself (and I do)

One Happy Preschooler

The Side View - modeled

The Back View modeled 

Okay so here is all the specs:
Pattern: Toddler Backpack from Made by Rae.  This is the 3rd backpack I've made from this pattern.  I love it!  I modified it 2 inches in height and width, which was explained how to do in the directions.  I did omit the piping simply because I didn't have any and didn't want to make one.  Plus I don't have a zipper foot for my machine so it would have been a pain.  This pattern is time consuming but not difficult so I say go for it!  Other modification was that I opted to use elastic in place of the nylon webbing.  Since I've made this a few times I've learned that a) I do not like using D-rings as called for in the pattern.  This is mostly because no matter what I do they come unhooked and then you have an unhappy preschooler, b) using a backpack adjustable closure is pointless as I have never needed to adjust the shoulder straps, c) I didn't have either closure at home, didn't want to buy any so settled on elastic.  I think this will be nice as it will be self adjusting.

Fabric:  Heather Bailey, Nicely Jane Laminates, Slim Dandy-Blue  Okay so this was my first time working with a laminate and I loved it.  I did prewash the fabric but didn't notice any shrinkage however I let it air dry which was bothersome as the fabric then was wrinkled but I didn't want to us a hot iron on it so ended up opting to leave it wrinkled.  Other than the ironing issue (I always covered it with a piece of cotton to iron) it was perfect.  I love that the cotton is laminated and that helps it to keep it's shape.  Also it prevents the fabric from fraying.

I can't find the other fabric information but I purchased it at The Top Stitch here in that store!

Blessings on the week for you all.

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