Friday, February 11, 2011

Buttons, Fabric and Patterns Oh My!

So my father-in-law stopped by and dropped off a package for me that his sister had sent for me.  I knew it was coming so I wasn't surprised and I was moderately excited too.  I knew that inside that box were patterns and some fabric...well that is what she told me.  It wasn't just some fabric it was A LOT of fabric and it wasn't just patterns, but vintage patterns from a company that I love!

Since I've been overly crafty lately and Husband simply goes into 'Uh-huh', 'oh that's nice', and my favorite  'Mmm' mode with his eyes glued to his cell phone at the mere mention of crafts (I will note that he does tend to be more interested when I say 'free' or 'this didn't cost me anything').  It seemed best to me to share with all of you my good fortune.  Will you join me with the oohs and ahhs to spare my poor husband the task?

First the fabrics take a look at that stack:

Want to see the variety?  Well, okay since you asked so nicely ;)
Hmmm, maybe I should make Husband a shirt out of the motorcycle fabric?

I really, really, really like that Bible Story Fabric...maybe I'll use it for me.

Now onto the patterns.  First the fanned stack picture:

Finally the close up pictures.

I am so ecstatic.  There are 2 girl's swimming suit patterns in these so I won't have to buy one for Elsa dear  Plus lots of knitwear patterns.  Obviously from the photos you can see that these were the height of 1980's fashion but I think you can trust me not to repeat those color choices and to modify the patterns appropriately.

Also here is a lovely picture of a jar of buttons that I purchased for $2.50!  I couldn't believe my good luck.  Now to figure out how Greta (my sewing machine) does button holes.

Stay tuned for more escapades in craftiness with yours truly as I do my darndest to whip up a few things for the darling baby boy in our family.  I also have a dress that I am currently finishing up for myself...hope to have it done by Sunday.



  1. I love buttons so much! I remember playing with my Mom's big jar of buttons when I was little. Buttons are cool!

  2. Oh my, that Bible story fabric is so fun! I've never seen that before. And I love Josh's response to your craftiness...sounds alot like Nathan! :)


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