Friday, February 4, 2011

Paper Bags, Stamps, and Happy Kids

So last week I woke up and was surprised to discover that Fun Mom had woken up out of hibernation.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one who at times finds themselves less than friendly with their family and despite my best efforts Fun Mom sometimes has to go on vacation/into hibernation and in her place is either Exhausted Mommy, Disciplinarian Mother, or just Plain Old Surviving Mama.  So when Fun Mom shows up well FUN is what happens.

Lincoln and Vincent (Samuel too but he's at school a lot) love to make 'suits' a.k.a paper bag vests.  Did you ever make them in school for Thanksgiving for an Indian Vest? I know I did and I loved them!  Of course it is now February and last week was January so we weren't thinking about the Pilgrim's first thanksgiving, no I was thinking about stamps, ink, and an hour of fun for the kids.

Actually the kids like these vests so much that I know get paper bags at the supermarket exclusively for this reason.  Yes I know I should make bags and go green but I always forget my bags at home when I shop.  Now enough chit chat onto the pictures of fun.

So after cutting out the paper bags into vests we have to decorate them with stamps!

Then of course you have to pose for more pictures:

Then of course you're wondering what happened to the baby while all this fun was going on:

Not to worry he was enjoying some popcorn (completely supervised)  Look at that smile, he was having lots of fun.

Now you know how much fun a paper bag can truly be.  Tell me what unusual household item you have lots of fun with?  Let's have some fun and laugh a lot together.

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  1. My kids have always and still do love wrapping paper rolls. They play with them until they completely fall apart.

    Curtis loves bamboo bbq skewers and rubberbands... he makes bow and arrows.

    I love it when kids have a blast with stuff that is free!
    And, hooray for "Fun Mom" coming out to play! :)


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