Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fire Trucks, Dalmatians and New Pajamas

In keeping with the boy theme around here I just finished a pair of pajamas for the youngest.  These are however my very first pair of sleeper pajamas.  Having never made them before I read the directions first - yes just like Husband assembles things without looking at the directions I sew new patterns without reading the directions too - it was pretty straight forward so I trudged through and came out on top with what I believe is the cutest pair of sleeper jammies ever.  Just look for yourself:

I just love this picture.

Now a few detail pics:
the footie 

the cuff

the collar

the zipper

Pattern: Blanket Sleeper from the Slumber Party pattern pack by Sunrise Design, which I mentioned in this post
Size: 1T
Fabric is from JoAnn's and let me tell you that I really dislike their website...seriously I can never find what I want and often it doesn't work.  I was going to link to the fabric but nooo, I couldn't do that.  BOO!

Modifications:  I always say that I follow directions exactly the first time I make something new but I find that it really isn't true.  Ever since I learned how ridiculously easy it is to modify patterns to fit better or to add something you like, I've been a modifying diva making changes without thinking about it really.  So in true Buffy form I added the ribbing detail on the sleeves.  I totally just winged it by measuring the fabric up to the finished sleeve then cutting so much and then in so much...I would have liked it to be a bit wider but I'm not complaining for this off the cuff adjustment.

Thoughts on the pattern itself.  Well it is a bit big, a little too long, which really isn't a big deal since Thaddeus is growing and I'd rather it be too big than too small...or worse only fit for one or two wearings.  However, I do dislike the footie part, way TOO big.  Either Mr. Thaddeus has tiny feet or the pattern is overly generous in the foot part.  I will have to figure out a way to modify it the next time I make it.

Oh and here is an out take collage just to show you how busy this little guy is!

yes, he is almost always moving towards me taking his picture!

If the couch in the pictures doesn't look familiar don't worry I've got a post in the works about that ;)

Many Blessings to you all.

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