Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Zoo of a Shirt for a Monkey of a Boy

So I just finished a new shirt for Mr. Thaddeus.!  Okay, perhaps I'm biased but then I have the right to be I'm his Momma.  I was contemplating just showing off all the projects I make this month for the boy(s) in my life but opted to share as I finish...less pictures for one thing and two it's more likely to get done if I blog about it right away.
So hard to get a non-blurry picture of this kid!
See he just keeps crawling out of the pictures.

Ahh, finally he stays put for more than 3 seconds :)

Pattern McCall's 4640 it is a vintage pattern and I'm pretty sure out-of-print but the link is to a site that has a copy for sale

I made the large size which I would guess to be a 12-18 month.  It is perfect for Mr. Thaddeus as there is enough room to grow.  I didn't make any modifications but next time I make it I won't lap it over quite so much, as you can see from the pictures it is very high in the neck but still super cute.  I bought the fabric at JoAnn's and while I didn't see it on their site I'm sure you could find it at your local shop.  I personally love it and think it is super cute.

In other news, you might have noticed another button on the sidebar...that is to Katy's blog - No Big Dill.  Next month she's having a bookish themed month for craftiness.  Once Upon a Thread...go check it out and see what she's got planned.  I for one am stoked and have a few crafty ideas left in the noggin. We're finally starting to get some more sleep and I'm hoping that soon I'll be caught up on sleep to be only moderately sleep deprived instead persistently sleep deprived.

I'll leave you with a super cute, albeit a bit blurry, picture of Vinny.

How can you not love this?  So precious.


  1. You have alot of talent, Buffy! So neat! I just love it, especially that it's for a boy! :)

  2. Thanks so much Holly! Now if I could just take pictures like you life would be just about perfect ;)


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