Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One of 2011

I know I promised a new post yesterday but as I'm sure you figured out, life happened.  Nothing serious I just had to take a break from the routine (I do this often as I am rather opposed to their presence in my life) however it does take me a bit to recover and get back on track.  I was nice to just vegetate all day and not really do much of course there is always a cost to that which of course is an increase of agitated behavior in Lincoln.  Still I think it is important for us all to relax.

Yet I'm here now and have a few pictures to show off to you all.  First is Samuel's Christmas present.

Please meet Joe...he is a pillow pet that I made.  Samuel has slept with Joe every night since Christmas...they have become best friends overnight.  Joe even had to take a bath because Elsa thought he needed a tattoo, fortunately for Joe it was washable and not permanent. 

Joe was born out of my desire to save $20 on the little pillow pets you can buy at the store, I say little because this is a standard pillow size.  I spent about $6 on supplies yet I had a lot of fabric left over.  I opted to use felt for the eyes and nose and simply used a pillow as the form.

So this was our first week back to school for the Samuel and back to homeschooling for Lincoln.  It was a tough week the kids were extra tired and I myself was missing the laid back quality of the break (which is really funny since I was soooo ready for school to start up again.  go figure).  Still we made it through and with a few nice pictures too.

Vinny loves his baby brother.  Thaddeus loves Vinny.  It is a perfect match.  These two will play together for a good 20 minutes multiple times throughout the day.  I love this looks like Thaddeus is taking mental notes to how the toy works.

I have been getting away to my sewing room this week and on Monday finished up the above pair of jammies for Samuel.  I did make the pajama bottoms for Vinny's (in the first photo) but the top is from a pair that Gramma made him.  I wanted to take a picture of Samuel in his new pj's but of course he couldn't be by little Miss Center-of-Attention had to get in and if she was in the picture Vinny had to be too.  The pajamas the Elsa is wearing are her absolute favorite!  She picks them out all. the. time.  I think she loves them so much because they are her favorite color pink.  But I can't blame her for it being her color...she is one girl out of four boys.

The kids love making vests out of paper bags.  Lincoln can do it all by himself...including the arms...I know I'm impressed.  Of course I have to be sure that I get paper bags when bagging my groceries however, when I do it is so worth it for the smiles these bags can make.  I love the middle picture the looks like Vinny is telling Elsa how to do something and she is listening rather intently.  I should also point out that Elsa is standing on a basket (which was broken by the end of the day) and she is not that tall!  She is growing way too fast and sports the cutest smiles EVAR!   Love that girlie :)

If she were watching football she could be a mini Daddy :)

Mmmm...peanut butter fingers.  

I had to take these pictures of the girl.  The first one she had gotten out my laptop (it wasn't on) and was watching something on the television but she was so precious.  Multi-tasking already.  The one just above is her eating a healthy snack: Rice Cake with Peanut like her Momma she is.  Anyway she licks off all the peanut butter first then eats the rice toddler like.  Her favorite word is...NO.  Shocking I know, however she says it to everything even the stuff she wants.  It is rather cute.

Well, we're still working on the sleep issues with the baby.  The last 3 days he has taken a morning nap (this is very unusual) mostly because I am working to get him his naps in hopes that at night he will sleep better.  The night time sleeping is making s-l-o-w progress.  He still wakes up about 3-4 times but last night was the first night that he didn't want to sleep with us.  I hope we're making positive progress and that in a couple months we can at least be down to only 1 middle of the night disturbance.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Adorable photos Buffy!!

  2. Hi Buffy,

    Just wanted to say thankyou so much for my bag, it just arrived and its BEAUTIFUL!! even better in real life than the picture :D I love it!! -and so does my sewing room -which the bag prompted me to tidy up, its looking very nice now! Your card was also very sweet.

    Also love Joe the pillow puppy - VERY CUTE!!!!

    thanks again!!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Benita! I am so happy to hear that you received your bag and that it is already helping you out! Have a fabulous week


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