Friday, January 14, 2011

Stairs, Knitting, and the Peverse Lack of Sleep...

Our week started out sour, Thaddeus and Elsbeth decided that they didn't want to sleep at all Saturday night so Husband and I were up all night with the both of them (they were so kind as to alternate who was we were only dealing with ONE screaming child instead of two).  Elsbeth problem was fear of the we promptly got a light bulb for her night light.  Sleeping just fine so far.  In fact she points to it every night as says "Ite on. It on." So Precious (she is talking more but does tend to drop consonants, like the l in light).

Thaddeus, well we still don't know how to get him to stay asleep...still working on daily naps in hopes that if he is no longer OVERtired he'll start sleeping longer at night...which has been working a little.

However, the problem with not sleeping all night is that my natural grace and athleticism disappears (I can hear you laughing) and I had a little run in with the stairs at church...or should I say a down fall  twisted my ankle maybe? though it didn't hurt right fact it was more painful on Monday and a little better Tuesday.  Yet I still am determined to find the good in it...I got to knit almost the whole day...was pampered by my husband and kids as I kept my foot up and warm next to my water bottle (yes I have a water bottle, love it!  and it stays warm for so long...need to knit it a cozy).  I finished a second sock...

Tuesday Thaddeus and Elsa woke up early but it was forgivable because I was able to get these amazing pictures (sadly my photo skills can't keep up with God's artistry...but I tried)

Pictures taken January 11, 2011 about 7:30am PST

I haven't spent as much time sewing as I would like but am working on a few things.  As for the aprons well, I made one and I'm still trying to get a picture of it.  With much luck this next week I'll be able to get some more sewing done and take some pictures of the projects I've made.   I do however have a pictures of my finished socks.


Okay so here are the specs:
(all above links are to ravelry, you'll have to have an account to see them)

So I loved knitting these (of course I love knitting socks in general).  I did them on one long circular needle and I liked how they turned out.  I do have a tiny issue with the pattern as it has you bind off a lot of stitches just to have you sew a seam which seemed rather pointless.  So I modified it a bit by keeping the stitches live on the needle then knitting the live stitches (the ones that should have been bound off) together with the heel flap thus seaming as I knit.  It was much easier that way.  I think I knit together 2 stitches (1 on each end or heel flap) every 3 rows then one row straight.  Of course none of this will make sense to you if you a) don't knit, b) have never knit socks, or c) need to see the pattern to understand.  However, I wanted to include my learning process with you and if you find yourself knitting these and want to avoid seams and if you still don't understand what I wrote let me know and I'll help you out.

The only other issue I have with the pattern is that they are a bit short, even for a footie.  I think my next pair I'll knit a bit longer to start.  If you are on ravelry check out the nice notes from other knitters who have made them...I'm quite sure this will be a regular pattern on my needles.

I love this yarn too!  It is super-duper soft and many of you know how I hate superwash wool, well in sock yarn it is forgivable. Also it was reasonably priced too...right now I feel like stocking up on it... I really like the gradual color change and how it all flows together.  I had more than enough yarn to complete this project and actually I started another pair of socks for Elsa with the left overs with any luck I'll have pics of those next week.

Speaking of Elsa, I caught a really great picture of her this week playing with what she loves most:

CARS!  Not really too much of a surprise since she has 3 older brothers. Now don't mistake her desire for mechanical things (yes she is a big fan of computer gadgets too I totally blame Husband for this as he read to her computer tech books as an infant) lead you to think that she is a tom-boy.  She is not!  Elsa loves for me to do her hair, paint her nails and toe-nails.  She loves dresses and her fave color is pink (I may have mentioned that before).  She loves her dolls and dress-up clothes but really her favorite thing is to stuff cars into purses and carry them around.  She makes car noises just like the boys.  It really is an endearing quality of hers.  I think she plays with them because her brothers like them and she wants to fit in with them and let the know that what they like is cool too.

Homeschooling Lincoln has been going a bit better this week but still it isn't my favorite thing to do.  I really am feeling overwhelmed by all the things that I have to do and it just feels like school time with Lincoln is just one more thing.  I seriously need a nanny/housekeeper.  Perhaps one of you knows how to get in contact with Mary Poppins?  I know my kids would love her to come.

 I have our monthly meeting at homelink this morning for Lincoln.  I spoke briefly with our consultant last night and told her that while the homeschooling with Lincoln has been difficult I really think that it is because of our lack of restful sleep with Thaddeus.  She told me we can talk about it and that she has experience working with children who refuse to do things like sleep...she has some tricks she will share.  I personally am very excited about that.  Also she said she was excited to see Lincoln again, that she really liked him.  That made this Momma's heart very proud.

I hope you all have a blessed week.


  1. Those sunrise pictures were absolutely amazing. My house faces in such a way that even if I am up early enough (which I avoid) I can't see anything but glows around houses. Kind of makes me remember my home as a kid where I got a clear view of sunrise or sunset depending. Anyway your pictures reminded me of the beautiful stillness and peace of those memories. Thank you.

  2. Thank you. I am certainly no expert with the photography, but I just couldn't keep those pictures to myself. Hopefully you can get away from time to time to a place where you can see the beauty of a clear sunrise or sunset.


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