Friday, December 31, 2010

Pondering New Years Resolutions...My Goals for 2011

Well it is almost 2011 and I've been thinking a lot about the new year.  So many times we make resolutions and never keep them and I think that is because we make a list of things that we wish we were.  Like I wish I was thirty pounds lighter or I wish I was better with my money or I wish I had more patience.  Now there really isn't anything wrong with any of that the problem isn't the wishing to be better, it is where we're placing our desires in. 

Why do you wish to be lighter?  Is it because your weight is unhealthy and is causing you illnesses unnecessarily or is it because you've been bombarded by the commercialism of this culture and feel like you're fat and you're suffering from low self-esteem?  If it is the former then maybe you should lose weight never to be found again, set a goal to do this and work towards it.  Yet if you're only losing weight because you're insecure perhaps a better goal would be to find out who is your source of esteem...the culture or God? 

Do you wish you were better with money because you spend your money before you have it and are deep in debt or do you wish you were better because you just saw your neighbor's new car and really want one yourself?  If the first is true then yes! curb your spending see an accountant or financial adviser and get out of debt.  Yet if you only want to be better with your money so you can one-up your neighbor than perhaps you might need to reconsider what you value in life.

However the truth is the new year is a great time to set goals and evaluate where you are and where you want to be.  It isn't any wonder that so many new year resolutions go unmet year after year, that as the year goes on and your resolutions go unmet you get discouraged and give up entirely when what you resolve to do isn't actually what is the problem area, the problem area is your perspective on your life.

So as the new year grows closer with each ticking minute I am at the crossroads so to speak.  There are many things I wish were different about me and yet I know that those things would go by the wayside if I were to list them in my yearly resolutions they wouldn't make it past January.  So I've made a little list of goals for the next year.  A biggie, a few medium sized and several small ones.  Well let's get started...these are of course things that I have upon deep introspection have come out realizing they are the things I need to focus my energy on.

1. Be Open, Honest, & Accepting.  Yup you guessed it this is my biggie.  Yet it is exactly where God wants me right now.  I never want someone to be surprised by something I do, that I am open with my life the good and the bad so that not only can no one say anything against me but that if someone did people would say without question it was a falsehood...oh to be that transparent...yes I do know that this is a double-edged sword in that I'll be more vulnerable, possibly taken advantage of yet I have faith that this is what God wants of me & in that confidence I will step out knowing if God doesn't come through I'll fail but with Him it will happen.

2. Sew & Knit more.  Yes, you heard it here first I want to make more stuff this year, more for my kids, more for my husband, more for me.  So I'll be starting an Accomplishment Journal to keep track of it all as well as setting aside 1 hour every night for sewing & dedicating the time at speech appointments for knitting.

3. Have a Handmade Christmas.  This will take time, planning and effort however if I work all year slowly by December 1st everything should be finished and I can sit back and enjoy the season...I think I'll have Handmade Christmas updates to keep me on track and show you all the progress I've made.  Also, Husband is on strict orders to tell me to get my arse in gear by July if I have nothing to show by then.  Finally, I'm opting for gift cards for birthday presents...I can do one or the other handmade birthday gifts or a handmade know the choice I've made.

4. Post weekly on the blog.  Simple and yet enough to keep me busy.  I would promise more but alas I'll be busy with I do have another goal that will take up more of my time, more on that later.

5. Lastly I want to wear aprons more.  So yes that is a veiled reference that I want to cook more in the new year but I do want to wear more aprons too!  I will admit that cooking is not my forte (yes I can do it, just painfully slow at times) Husband is by far the better cook yet I find it completely unfair to expect him to cook a meal as soon as he gets home each night.  My plan is to focus on making a soup every Sunday for lunch and trying a new recipe once a week.  Hopefully with some really cute aprons to liven up the kitchen it will happen :)
Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land is having an Apron Week starting Monday and I'm preparing to sew a new apron each day next week week (M-F) and yes I do have enough fabric to accomplish that!

Well there they are my Goals for the new year...not resolutions because they are measurable (provided my friends are honest about my honesty) so when 2011 comes to an end I'll be able to look back and see how far I've come...perhaps I'll have enough aprons for half the year ;)

May you all have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

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