Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

This is my blog and I will bore you just a little (okay, really I hope you find it fascinating) but I have thoroughly enjoyed this giveaway.  My phone has been going crazy with all the emails and it has been so rewarding to know that others actually have the same taste in fabric as I do.  Really when I posted the giveaway on Sunday night I was praying that at least one person would comment.  Yet there were 132 comments and I read all of them (a few more than once) because they were so fabulous.  I am so glad that I opted to choose randomly rather than best story, 'cause I don't think I could choose.

You all were fabulous in telling me your favorite gifts, I'll even admit to crying after reading a few though I do have to say Laree's comment was one of my favorites:
            "Those are adorable bags - and I HATE velcro when I'm crocheting. It doesn't matter how careful I am, it always makes a mess!
           My favorite gift . . . well, I could be all sweet and say my kids, which is true, but not after a day like today . . . so I'll say the Silhouette cutter that's coming for Christmas this year!"

I think every mom who reads this agrees and I think we'd make great friends too.  Not only are you funny but you also share my love of hatred towards velcro around my fibers.

Still other comments that were fabulous:

  "I could do a little brown-nosing here and say that the best gift I ever got was a journal that my dear friend gave me with a personalized note to me on the first few pages, telling me all her favorite memories that we've shared. But that would just be cheating. So I'll say that my favorite gift was a life sized cut-out of Orlando Bloom as Legolas. He has yielded much entertainment by hiding him around corners and luring unsuspecting victims to walk around said corner and have their socks scared off :)
P.S. I LOVE that little pink and brown bag almost as much as I love it's maker :)"

Delightfully Crazy:
   "The best gift I ever received was when I was 10 and it was from my aunt. She gave me a box of misc. crafting supplies! It was so big and so full. I'm sure it was stuff she no longer wanted from her own stash of supplies but I loved it!"

I think my nieces my just get this in the near future...I've got some cleaning to do ;)

Some of the more touching ones:

   "Oh my! Both bags are so lovely! If I must choose I will say the brown and pink. My favorite gift was being able to travel to Missouri to visit for a week and a half with my mother this Thanksgiving. She is the most precious person I've ever known and at the age of 85 she still makes an impact on all of those around her. She has hospice care now because she is dying of congestive heart failure and a rare form of cancer. What a blessing it was to have that much time with her! I will never ever forget this holiday season."

Realm of the BlueRose Dragon:
   "Either of the bags are delightful, one can not have enough stunning bags to put goodies in! Lovely work!
My best present was being told I was cancer free for the second time and staying that way for over 20 years!
Thank you for a delightful giveaway!"

Though I must say that barneyn made my day by commenting:
   "now THIS is the best giveaway i have seen so far! i love it! wow! thanks soo much! the best gift i have received are my kids! :)"

Ack!  I can't believe how long this post is.  Honestly, I loved everyone's comment and wish I had 132 gifts to giveaway.  Thought maybe next month :)  On to the winners!

Well I went to and  just couldn't figure out how to get that little widget to appear on my page.  Ordinarily when I have computer issues I just say "Husband, I can't get the thing-a-ma-jig to do what I want.  I need you to do it...please."  Only problem is that Husband left with Samuel and Vinny this morning to go visit his brother, sister-in-law, and nieces & nephew for an early Christmas (side note, Gramma and Grampa took the Lincoln and Elsa yesterday, so it's just me and the baby this weekend).

So I write all this just to say that you're going to have to trust me on this when I tell you the winners.  If you're really skeptical and don't feel that you can trust me I can email you the pdf I made of the screen prints ;)

Winner #1
 Andi who posted
 "The best gift I have ever received would probably have to be my dog. He is a great companion, and always makes me happy (even if he is a little naughty sometimes...) :P

thanks for participating in the giveaway!!!"

  Well Andi I hope your new bag helps your dog stay out of your goodies ;)

Winner #2
The Little Bird who wrote
  "oh wow I'm the first person to comment here!!
well i think these bags are great.. they're both wonderful, but i think my favourite would prob have to be the chicky one :) thanks for the opportunity!!
my favourite gift of all time.. i think would have to be an apricot tree, for my 6th birthday.. i waas SO SAD when we moved house!!"

 Well Little Bird I sure hope you've planted an apricot tree where you live now.

Andi and Little Bird I'll be emailing you just as soon as the baby lets me.

Thanks again everyone for participating.  Check back later next week as I should have the pattern for the bags I just gave away up for you to use.

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  1. WOW!!! this is so EXCITING :D :D :D
    I can't believe I actually won!!!
    I've never won anything before :)
    thankyou so much :D I was really crossing my fingers for this one. ooooo! haha I'm so excited I can hardly type.. thankyou so much!!!
    I've emailed you my address :D
    oo I can't wait to recieve one of these BEAUTIFUL bags :)


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