Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naughty blogger...

I feel like I've totally neglected my blog this month, naughty blogger me.  Life hasn't been crazy but I have been...the kids I think are ready for fall and I am too.  Sleep is always short in the summer and I am looking forward to the early darkness and the late sun rising so that my kiddos won't wake up cranky from the sun (yes they do have black curtains, I've even put up black plastic over their window...doesn't work). 

Overall I've really enjoyed this summer.  It's been my kind of summer, cool and perfect.  Husband just commented that we might actually have 5 days hotter that 90 degrees...I said that sounds perfect to me (I'm a 65-73 kind of gal).  Though the reality of school starting is really starting to hit me.  Yesterday we went to the school so that Samuel could meet his teacher.  That boy is so excited for school!  Every night he prays 'help me to go to school.'  Precious! 

His first day of kindergarten is on the 1st and I'm excited too.  Maybe when the little baber goes off to kindergarten I'll be one of the Boo Hoo moms...but this year I am definitely a WOO HOO! Momma.  5 days of all day kindergarten sounds fabulous right now.  Of course only Samuel is going off to school.  We still haven't heard about preschool for the Vinny Boy but I'm planning on him not going so if he does I'll be even more estatic.

Which then leaves Lincoln who we're homeschooling this year (okay I'm homeschooling).  I know that this is the right choice for him and our family but with all new things comes a certain amount of trepidation and excitement.  It was so wonderful yesterday to be at the school and talk with the principal and some of Lincoln's teacher's and therapists...they were all so encouraging and supportive of our decision to homeschool.  They kept telling me that I could do it and that as the mom I do know what's best for him.  They also shared their regret at not seeing him again so I felt not just validated in my choice but that they were excited to see him leave.  Really they want what is best for him and this year that is homeschooling.

Okay, now on to my challenge update.  I'll be honest I did miss a few days this month however they weren't in a row...life just got in the way a bit.  I'm also not hauling stuff off like I did at the beginning because really I'm down to just the nitty gritty stuff...you know papers that don't take up that much space.  I still have more things to get rid of, however I think that will always be the case...such is the life with 5 kids.  I have a lot more to say about this challenge but I want to wait until next month.

Well, that about sums everything up.  I have some posts planned for the future, ones that I'm really excited about however I don't want to write a book every time I post.  I do, however, have a few pictures that will just make your day!

Thaddeus is such a happy baby...I love him so.
The 3 Amigos...they have so much fun together.
I just love this pic...you see not just her fabulous hair, but her expression too!

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