Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching Up...

Okay so wow it has been too long...but I'm back.

Why don't I just catch you all up on what's been going on at my house the last couple of weeks.  Last weekend we traveled down to Eugene, Oregon to visit with family and friends.  We left our house just before 3am on Sunday so that we could make it to church in McMinnville.  It was crazy leaving that early but fun too.  Samuel said as we drove through Spokane that it looked like Christmas from all the lights.  We stopped off at a scenic spot around 7:30 for a bathroom break and to get the kids dressed.  Samuel once again said something cute.  It was his first time in an outhouse and he told Husband that it was broken...too funny!

We were able to see old friends and stay for a BBQ afterwards, which was really nice not having to pack a lunch or stop to buy one before heading the rest of the way to Eugene.  We pulled into our friends house just before 6.  It was a long day but worth it for the chance to visit with friends. 

Monday we spent the day with my parents and sister.  The boys just loved following Papa around everywhere, it was precious.  My dad was able to record Lincoln & Samuel talking, he edited it so that it sounded like they were spouting off math facts with ease.  They took us all out to dinner at PF Changs, we've never been there before but it was wonderful.  They have a gluten free menu...yes gluten free not just wheat-free.  They cook the gf foods in a separate area of the kitchen and bring it to you on special plates so that you immediately know what food is safe to eat.  It was a great experience.

After dinner we walked around one of the malls which had an outdoor courtyard with a live band playing.  The boys had fun running around which Elsa decided she needed to make friends with complete strangers.  We definitely are going to have to keep an eye out for that girl, just like Papa she is where no one is a stranger. 

All in all we had a fabulous time albeit short.
Samuel Really Wanted to Drive!
Elsa getting a ride on Papa's shoulders.
Elsa made a new friend on our trip...Emma.

Sunday was Lincoln's Birthday.  I can hardly believe my baby is 7!  We hung out at Gramma & Grampa's house for the afternoon.  The kids went swimming and Gramma had made homemade raspberry ice cream, the raspberries came from her garden fresh...picked by Lincoln.  Then Husband and I took Lincoln & Vinny to see the Spokane Indians play.  I don't know if I've ever been to a sporting event with such quiet fans before.  Though it was all good as I was able to bring my knitting :)
My guys at the baseball game.
Lincoln at the game, this is HIS look!
Me and my 7 year old!  Crazy!

Today is Husband's birthday.  As becoming our tradition of late presents (read here cards) were opened in our bed.  The kids just get so excited to give their gifts that they can't wait for us to open them up.  They'll postpone eating breakfast just so that Daddy gets his card and present (they got him Peanut Butter M & M's).

That is about all we've been up to lately though we've got busy days on the horizon.  Next week is VBS which is always fun but exhausting too.  Not to mention we've got several appointments coming up.    Maybe I'll have some more finished objects to share with you all soon.

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  1. "we were able to see old friends"
    OLD???? Old friends makes me think you stopped by to see some friends who are in their 90's :)
    How about call us "friends from the past"... that doesn't make me feel soooo old.
    I'm just teasing you Buffy. I know what you meant.
    We were thrilled that you included a stop to see us on your very short vacation.


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