Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm not Super Mom...but thanks for thinking it

Yup.  That's right.  I am not super mom.  I really don't know if she really exists but she certainly doesn't embody me.  However, for some strange reason people keep thinking I'm her...we must look alike ;)  So I thought I might dispel a few myths in this craziness I call having 5 kiddos.

My mantra: "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."  Philippians 4:13...this is the TRUTH, I am only as great as He allows me to be and since it was His will that gave me 5 babies then it is His will I survive (well that last part is what I tell myself when I've locked myself in the bedroom at 7am because I just can't handle the chaos anymore)

I have an amazing husband who not only loves God, but loves me and loves his children *awwww*  Parenting is definitely a two person job and I couldn't do it without Husband...he is my boat anchored to God in the storms of life.  He's the reason I can go to doctor's appointments without totally freaking out the kids being sick for the millionth time.  He gives me the courage to fight for my babies and to stand up and say "I want another opinion"  I am so blessed.

I don't cook.  Okay so maybe I do, but not really.  When Husband is home at night he makes dinner for us.  I consider a fruit smoothie dinner...served with cheese sticks and crackers :)

I can handle clutter...well not always but for the most part if I can see the floor I'm happy. (yes there are dirty dishes in my sink...I'll get to them soon)

I'm an underplanner.  An under what?  I under plan...on purpose.  There are somethings that really get me uptight and I micro manage that stuff but for the most part I under plan.  Most of this comes from my 'fly by the seat of your pants' attitude (where did that phrase come from?) but part of it is intentional.  So often I find that people who over plan, planning for everything tend to be very frazzled and things don't turn out the way they wanted them to.  I plan enough for things to flow (most days, though I can still be found running to the store for diapers or food at 10pm) yet I don't over analyze things.  Like today, I locked myself out of the house without diapers before heading into town for a dentist appointment.  Instead of freaking out I left without the diapers knowing that I could break in when I got home and they sell diapers in town if I really needed one :)

I have amazing kids (they take after their father).  I love them to pieces and they love me, well they tell me they do, and they help me out with dishes, laundry and cleaning.  On the days when the clutter is getting to me I just say 'clean up the floor like I'm gonna vacuum' and within 20 minutes the living room is sparkling and my day is so much brighter.

Prayer.  Can't forget that now can I?  Truth is I don't know how parents get by without it.  God is my adult conversation when I'll I've heard all day is 'I'm still hungry' 'I need to go potty' 'Momma' 'Momma' and 'AhHHHH!'  I know that no matter what has been going on, what I've been thinking and how crazy I'm feeling I can tell God and He not only listens he gives me comfort and advice (no I don't hear His actual voice, but I do get inspired ideas that always work)

I could go on and on about all my failings...but I won't bore you :)  I'm as absentminded as I appear with all my parenthetical thoughts on the blogs (yes really I can think of two or more things at one time).  I just thought I should share that I'm so far from perfect I below average...yet with Jesus as my Savior and the Holy Spirit to guide me I make it through most days without injury ;)

Like this day when I made a dress for my girlie and got pictures...

She was so happy!

I'll post more on the dress another day, but it is finished.

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