Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finished Objects!

So I've not only been sewing lately but I've been finishing projects.  Just the other day I made this top for myself.  I'm so proud, first of all it is knit which isn't as hard to sew with as one might think.  I didn't even use a serger for it and I think it turned out marvelous.  The pattern is from an old shirt that was my favorite but had *gasp* bleach stains on it.  So I carefully cut it apart along the seams then I ironed it, folded the front and back in half then traced out the pattern onto freezer paper.  I added the seam allowances and voila!  my own Favorite T-Shirt.  It ended up being a little lower cut then I remember so I just added a bit of white knit fabric behind with just a little lace which makes it seem just that much more feminine and still modest.

But I haven't been sewing just for me, I finished up an outfit for Mr. Thaddeus too!

 Doesn't he look so adorable?  I love this fabric, which I got from the remnant bin at JoAnn's.  So a few hours work and a couple of dollars and Thaddeus is dressed for the summer!  Love it!  

The pattern is Simplicity 2459 and the only modifications I made were I added snaps instead of buttons for the straps, then made fabric covered buttons to cover the snap spot.  I also added snaps to the side to help keep everything closed up.

 I just love how he sucks on his fingers.  So precious :)

I think I'd love the fabric more if it read Grandpa's Little Helper instead or if it had computer parts instead of pliers and hammers.  Oh well, not that big of a deal....he still is the cutest baby boy on the block.

I have another finished project but you'll have to wait to see it as it is a gift for a friend.  I have a few more projects I'm working on.  Soon more shall be revealed.

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