Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Husband,

So it is father's day and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband to be a father to my babies. What I love most about Husband is that he loves God and wants to serve Him always. I couldn't ask for a greater desire in a father. That Husband loves our children is evident. I am so blessed that he is always willing to watch the kiddos that he doesn't see it as work but as being a father. He is right there in the thick of it with me cutting up food, serving the meals, giving the baths but he does so with a liberal sense of silliness and a lot of laughter.

Of course from time to time I have to call on him to use his 'daddy voice' but most of the time the kids are great and need no extra encouragement. That the kiddos love him in return is obvious. Elsbeth won't go to sleep at night until Daddy gets home, she just screams in her crib until she hears his voice. Or she will go to sleep then wake up at his voice. The older boys talk about Daddy all day long, they want to make him cards or count down the days until he's off and home with them. I love that the love him and want to be with him, that they want to be just like him.

As I was going back through the pictures I have of Husband almost all of them are with one or more of the kids...which is just like him. The man never seems to be far from his kids. The boys lay next to him on the couch or try to climb up him. They fight over sitting next to him at dinner and laugh incessantly at his same old silliness.

So now a few pictures of the man of the day.

Just a note, we didn't acquire an older girl that's our oldest niece. Another reason to love the man, he's not afraid to be around girls and their tears and drama.

I love you Husband!

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