Friday, June 18, 2010


After last weeks experiment with posting 5 days in a row (yes, I got a little behind) I realized how much I really like posting. I don't really think my life is that interesting, however, now that I'm officially done with school (last assignment turned in yesterday) I'm afraid I might have too much time on my hands...yes I hear you all laughing.

The truth is I like to keep busy and I love to encourage, so I've been thinking a lot about my blog...the reasons I started and what I want to write to everyone. It was always meant to be more than just to keep the distant family and friends in the loop (though I certainly am liking the whole year round Christmas card) but also to encourage and display crafty things.

All this writing just to say that I might be (hopefully) posting more often and on different things and might not always have pictures but I'll try really hard. If all goes according to plan I'll have some sort of schedule like on Sunday's I'm thinking I'll post a devotional type thingy and maybe Friday's have a wrap-up of our week with maybe a Saturday picture words just pics. See look at me go three days and only four to go -- yeah, I'm really not thinking I'll post everyday but who knows.

In keeping with a wrap-up of our week theme, as I type my father-in-law and Mr. Jim are over, with three eager helpers, draining and putting in a water-heater tank. This was not a planned visit for today...SURPRISE! Well, to be honest I had asked a few weeks ago if Grampa could come over and drain the tank so we could replace the element which he did this morning. Um, well apparently our water heater only had one element and one tiny hole to drain -- no way to clean out the gunk -- and well we kinda need hot water. So, apparently (this is the surprise) we got a new water heater (maybe it's just an refurbish, used, repaired who knows) but anyway I'm excited to have hot water that last for more than 20 minutes. More than just hot water, I'm so thankful to have family close by that can help out like this. God has been so good to us!

More news -- Elsa Bear is down to just one ear infected which is fabulous considering both ears have been infected since March! The doctor has kept her on the same meds this time as it was working and hopefully she'll be back to normal and healthy soon. In the mean time she has an appointment scheduled for July to get evaluated for speech therapy.

Well, okay so there is what I've been thinking...okay not everything I've been thinking...but well most of it. Have a blessed weekend.

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