Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Samuel Barnabas

Today is for my precious Samuel Barnabas. I hadn't decided who I was going to pick until I started naming people on Picasa in photos. Suddenly I was confirming pictures and as you can see some of them are quite old.

Looking back at the pictures of Samuel from the hospital I was suddenly struck by how far we've come since that day we sat in the cardiologist's office and she told us he had a congenital heart defect and would need surgery. I am still amazed at how calmly I took that news...OUR GOD IS GREAT! In just over a month we had gone from a perfectly healthy baby to one who needed surgery to a walking toddler!

Now let me tell you about that heart of his! He is loving, kind, responsible and above all helplessly in love with Jesus! When he has a bad day we all have a bad day and sometimes it is just plain scary at how much like me he is. I adore his curiosity and his helpful worker attitude. He's always helping with the laundry or the dishes or his absolute favorite...vacuuming! He is truly growing into his middle name "son of encouragement" because that is just what he does, he lifts your spirits when you're down and pushes you to do your very best.

Okay so now it's down to the oldest and the youngest...not sure who will be up tomorrow but I know that I am totally loving this one kid at a time post...memories are so much fun not just for the sharing but the remembering of how Great of God is and that He is always with us and has never left our side.

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