Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Almost Summer!

Okay, let me just start by saying how excited I am that I only have a week left of school! Really, I am ready to be done for a while (haha, I still have like three classes I want to take). However, I am so ready to pull out my sewing machine and just start making things. Elsa Bear is a solid 2T-extra long. Yup. I can put a 2T shirt on her and it fits perfectly around her the length...well it could use a couple inches. She has several jumper that I need to add like a 3-4 inch ruffle on because...that girl moves and up her dress goes. Some of you might be thinking "just go up a size" sorry no. can. do. For a few reasons
1) 3T is too big around and she looks like a little waif in it (especially with her dirt smudged face)
2) Even going up a size isn't really long enough
3) I'll stress this as the most important of all reasons: I CAN SEW! Why should I settle for what could work when I can have what does work.

I also just got a copy of a Ottobre magazine and let me say I'm dying to try out the patterns...yet I haven't been able to get to them between cleaning the house and school. Plus Husband's work schedule hasn't been ideal for any sewing except on his days off, which ironically I don't sew then either because I'm either spending time with him or catching up on cleaning or homework. However, Husband's schedule is change *crossing fingers* hopefully for the last time. He is now in tech support vs. standard customer service so he'll be working afternoon/evenings which will be nice for the summer...I might not be so strict with the bedtime...I'll have to think about it.

All in all I have a to do sewing list at least a mile long...we'll see how much I get done. Besides all that I am woefully behind in my mitten of the month club. Oh well okay like 1 1/2 behind. Something about having a baby and my wayward knitting heart being pulled toward other of which is a shrug for ME! I am less than an inch away from being done with the back, that I started on Tuesday! I'm so excited. Pics to come soon.

Well, I should sign off as the kiddos are starting to revolt. Besides I still need to get going for the day...Hope yours is blessed!

Yes I know I didn't post any pics...I promise next time I will.

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