Monday, June 7, 2010

Elsa Bear

So I promised pictures last time and I have been playing with Picasa 3 today so here are a few adorable pictures of our one and only girl. Husband has been calling her Elsa Bear since she was an infant and well, Elsa has stuck. So much easier to tell people her name without spelling it every time.

Just after getting her hair braided. Momma was one happy Momma when braiding was added to our arsenal of hair up-dos!

Here she is showing off part of her personality. Yes, she usually is hiding things she shouldn't have behind her back.

Surprise, Surprise! She can hold still long enough for a really nice picture. I love headbands on her, Elsa likes them as long as she forgets they are there. So in the car it comes.

Yup! That is my girl. She certainly has her own style!

As you can see I've only posted pics of the girlie today. I think my goal this week is to do a post a day for each of the kiddos...I'm really close to being finished with two classes so I'll have a little extra time to blog. Of course I should be using that time to focus on working out or cooking good foods for the fam...but you know where my priorities are.

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