Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Steps, lots and lots of baby steps.

Okay so I'll start off by letting you know that Thaddeus is not the world's fastest developing baby and hasn't begun to walk. No, I'm the one taking baby steps. Well, at least reminding myself to take baby steps. Five kids is a lot for one family, not to mention five under 6.75 years of age. We are still trying to find our groove here at the Scott household and I think I'm rather impatient for it to happen.
For the first time since I became a mom I understand why some mother's are so tired. Don't mistake that as I've never missed sleep these past few years, just not as much as I have the last two months. I expected Thaddeus to keep me up, yet it isn't just him. All the kids are getting up wickedly early--6am or so--1st time ever! My older boys have always been predictable 7-7:30 am wake ups since...oh since forever! Let me tell you that 1-1.5 hour is crucial for my sanity and overall ability to keep going throughout the day.

Next order of business is organization...now I will not claim that I have or ever will be uber organized, yet I am finding myself craving this more and more...and yet I'm so far from the goal it is depressing at best. It is taking all I have just to stay on top of the dishes and laundry and with summer around the corner (seriously this Friday) I am going to need some planning and preparation to get through the next couple of months. Please pray for me and the kids, any helpful suggestions totally appreciated.
On to bigger and brighter topics. Our yard! Yes, the sod is down and I am soooooo happy! The weather the week after we laid it was perfect as it wasn't too hot and there was lots of sprinkles of rain all week. Oh and did I mention that we put in sprinklers too? Well we did. Lincoln and Samuel love it and are always asking if they can go turn on the sprinklers. Who needs a timer with boys like mine? Of course everything isn't perfect yet. We still want to plant lilacs and some shrubs, plus put in a retaining wall and sandbox in the corner. Baby Steps...Baby Steps. All in all we're happy with the progress we've made and I'm looking forward to it being finished (fingers crossed) the end of the summer.




School for me is almost done, in fact I have the diploma already (I haven't opened it yet, not sure why) and I must confess I am ready to be done. Though this quarter has been a very interesting experiment. Because I finished all my required classes for the degree I technically graduated the end of the winter quarter (thus the diploma) so the classes I took this quarter were just for fun. Now I started off the quarter with my normal push but soon realized that five kids was a lot. I then spiraled into my normal stressed out (maybe a week or two) when things weren't getting done then realized it was completely unnecessary. I was taking the classes for the knowledge, not the grade thus if an assignment wasn't completed on time...no biggie. I still complete all the work for the classes, just at a pace that works for me...not some academic calendar. Now there is only 2 weeks left of the quarter and I am at peace over it all.

Well, the kids are um...being brothers and I must type my farewell. Hope your day is blessed!

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