Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well life happened!

So I know I've been a little more than behind in blogging, however going from four to five kiddos has proven much more work than originally planned. I can hear you all laughing over that one.

Husband's schedule has changed twice since Thaddeus came, but now he finally has his regular schedule for the time. He really seems to be enjoying the job and feels appreciated at work. I think that it helps that he's getting the hang of the job.

More updates: Lincoln lost his top two front teeth. I really hope we won't have to go back to speech therapy once his teeth grow back in as he is slipping up on letters that require those teeth to pronounce properly. However, I really am not worried just writing what's on my mind.

Thaddeus is growing so fast, he's quickly making short work of his clothes and starting to get into 3-6 month but still can wear a lot of his 0-3 month clothes too. At his 6 week check-up he was 11 lbs. 2 oz. I'm sure he'll be close to 13 lbs. at his 2 month check-up, which happens to be this Thursday.

Elsbeth is growing too. I finally went through all of her clothes, birth to present which took an afternoon to complete. Mostly because there was a lot of boy clothes I went through too plus I sorted everything by size or if it was an accessory. Now I'm just trying to find the clothes new homes, haha. About a month ago I went over to a friends who had a bunch of girl clothes and brought home a kitchen garbage bag full of clothes sized 24 months to 2T. Well the pants fit her just fine, maybe a little on the long side...the tops are another matter. They fit around, and the sleeves are the right length however the length is proving to be slightly too short for proprieties sake. SIGH! I think I may just end up making her some tops for the summer.

This leads me into my Mother's Day gift, in addition to the delightful presents Samuel & Lincoln made me at school and a surprise gift certificate to the local yarn shop here in Deer Park, In Stitches, Husband took the four oldest (yes he left baby Thaddeus) into town for the day so that I could sew! I asked for this because I had several projects that I really wanted to get done but the time to do them in was hard to find. (Even now with this post I have been interrupted no less than 5 times and imagine that number to increase before I publish.) It was quite a luxury I tell you, the only frustration was that I had to stop to make myself something to eat for lunch.

I have discovered that I am quickly becoming re-addicted to sewing, which isn't too surprising as I have found that in the summer I'm more prone to sewing than knitting. Not to worry my knitter friends I guarantee that by the time September comes my fingers will be uncontrollably drawn to my dear friend Mr. Wool. However, this summer I might get the chance to learn how to spin! Oooh I am nearly beside myself in excitement and anticipation, however I fear I might not be able to afford the habit. Oh well, one thing I have learned is that God is faithful to provide all our needs and somehow He always manages to throw in several of our wants too.

I have the dreaded case of Senioritis...I can barely push myself to complete my work, let alone do it to the best of my ability. Good thing there is just under 4 weeks left and then I'll be DONE, well until I decide I want to torture myself again :) I did complete all the required classes for my degree so they've already sent me my diploma, which is nice because it does take all the stress out of the schoolwork. I'm doing it just for the pure sake of learning and the grade doesn't matter (too much, I tend to be a perfectionist some of the time). Overall I am enjoying the classes I'm taking, I just hate the deadlines.

Samuel is completely beside himself with the sillies. I can't hardly go an hour before he has me wanting to roll on the floor howling with laughter. Just this week he took a leftover hamburger to preschool for breakfast, told me and Husband that he was "scary on Tuesdays...and Thursdays" not to mention that his preschool teacher Mr.Frank had surgery to get two more hands, yellow to boot! I tell you that kid is one silly boy, but we love him so very much. He is very much looking forward to kindergarten in the fall and I am happy that he is happy.

I suppose the only kiddo I haven't written about is the infamous Mr. Vinny. Yes I telly you he is destined to be a mob boss/politician (pretty much the same thing) 3 1/2 and he can nearly talk circles around you to get what he wants, plus if word don't work he bats his lashes and looks like an angel. Often he can be heard praying for forgiveness which usually begins "Dear God thank I " I have to cover my mouth to keep from showing my smile and close my eyes lest he realize how adorable and funny he was.

Well, I suppose that I shouldn't delay too much longer as the interruptions will just keep coming (we're up to about 10 now). Hopefully I'll get back to my regular postings soon and just to keep myself accountable I'll let you all know that we're going to put in our yard as it looks a little pathetic now compared to the church's. I'll be sure to take before & after pics for you all.


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