Friday, February 19, 2010

Now that February is almost over...

Well best laid plans and all and yet it has been entirely too long since I last posted. Oh well I know that you are all very forgiving besides it has been a busy start to the year 2010. As you can see by Vinny's cars we are feverishly organizing, cleaning and preparing the house for Baby #5:

I just love how he lays them all out so neatly next to each other

As many of you know I have my babies at home, and while the house doesn't have to be sparkling the chaos does need to be contained. Since I've been having a baby about every 18-20 months who needs spring cleaning? I just have baby cleaning.

We had a mixed blessing in January, Husband found out that his job was ending and would need new employment in February. Fortunately the company didn't fight unemployment and paid off all of his vacation that had accrued on his last check, that coupled with our tax return we have been enjoying having Daddy at home. He starts his new job on Monday, but while he's been off he has been going through all our baby clothes, washing, tossing and folding in preparation for our new addition. I don't know what I would have done without him these past few weeks. I will miss having him at home come next week.

However, Elsa seems perfectly content either way stuffing anything she can in her mouth.

Other updates: We have a five year old again! Yikes, it seems like yesterday Samuel was born and now he's five. He got a big boy bike from Gramma and Grampa, swimming lessons from Nana and Papa, and drum lessons from us. The kid is going somewhere...I just hope I can make it with all his energy!

Isn't that one excited 5 year old?

To start off the month we traveled over to see the Other Scott family. Our nephew also had a birthday and since their family had expanded over the holidays it seemed the perfect time to hold the newest addition. The kids always love seeing their cousins and while it might seem crazy to some to allow 8 kids 7 years of age and under run around together, they all pair up and play so well together. It always make me sad that we don't live closer so that we could get together more frequently.

What could any birthday boy want more than a birthday cupcake?

Lincoln enjoying his Gluten Free Cupcake!

Well now you are thoroughly updated of the last few weeks. I am shamelessly behind on sewing/knitting things for the little one to come but since I'm always late I figure I can spend next month sewing and knitting.

A blessed day to you all!

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