Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Little Hurricane

As the mother of three small boys I have gotten accustomed to dirt and bruises, really you have to as it is inevitable that they will get dirty, cut up and bruised. Yet I will confess nothing prepared me for the hurricane my daughter is becoming.

She can destroy a clean room in less time than it takes a tornado to level a trailer park. Dirt, you ask? Well let me tell you that dirt has an entirely new meaning to me now. I had no idea how much dirt could get on one little person. Then of course there is the hair, which I love and no matter how dirty she gets it I'm not about to cut it. We go through no less than two outfits a day, not because she is that picky but because she is that messy. I have been known to give her two baths in one day because, well it's winter and spraying her down with the garden hose would be cruel.

Bibs. I'm sure now you're thinking, what about bibs? They are a nice invention for the less messy child, however Elsa is quite capable of getting everything but the bib dirty! (I still use them, makes me feel like I'm at least trying.) Take this picture for example:

Now I do realize she did get some yogurt on the bib, but there was more on her pants, hands and in her hair than that bib. This is an average run of the mill, everyday mealtime pic of the Princess. Oh, she got dirtier after the pic too.

Nevertheless I love her dearly, wouldn't trade her for ten sons and can even handle her mood swings (for the most part). I guess I've just discovered why girls have twice as many clothes as boys do, and fashion has nothing to do with it!

Side note: Yes I have been reading my new book Finding Your Child's Way on the Autism Spectrum and I love it! Can't stop telling everyone how wonderful it is. For the Christian Parent of a child on the spectrum it is an oasis in the desert. Finally a resource that isn't trying to 'fix' your child, nor promising a cure. Dr. Hendrickson is honest about her past and gives all the glory to God for the person her son has become. She references the scriptures frequently, encourages you to pray for wisdom and gives ideas for how to not only raise your child on the spectrum but to help you discover that unique gift God has given your child. I am so impressed and excited.

May God bless your day!

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