Friday, April 13, 2012

An Encouraging Word

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One of the greatest things that you can do to encourage or lift up a friend that is suffering whether from a long term illness such as endometriosis or just a friend having a hard day is to write a note.  So often I think people don't realize how incredibly uplifting it is to get a card, note, text, or email can be to someone having a really bad day.  Especially if it you're on the 7th bad day in a row!
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While a homemade card is alway lovely, but don't let your lack of cards prevent you from reaching out.  If all you have is email then email, if you only have time to text then text because I guarantee that just the recepient will be grateful!  I know that when I'm having a really hard time I go back and read the cards/letters/emails that I've recieved from friends and they really lift my spirits and make the day that much easier to get through.
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I suppose the next thing that prevents us from writing notes to our friends is not knowing what to write.  However, what to write is really the easy part as it doesn't take much time or need to be eloquent and in our very best penmanship, perfection isn't the point the time we've taken and the words we have to say are.  Here are a few ideas...

     *write about what you admire/respect most about them
     *text an encouraging/inspiring quote/Bible verse
     *write about a good thing you've witnessed about their children
     *remind them about the good character traits they are instilling in their children
     *write about how they inspire you
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A good rule of thumb is to write what you would want to hear when you're having a bad day.  When I'm having a bad day or am really sick I need to hear how I'm not damaging my children permanently by letting them watch Cars 2 twice in one day or perpetually kicking them outside so that I can have some quiet time.  I want to hear that the messy house won't always be messy, that a few bad weeks isn't going to put me on the next episode of Hoarders. 
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I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that just a few words spoken in kindness and truth can help you as well.  On my bad days I will spend time writing notes to people because making someone else feel better makes me feel better.

Do you have any tips for writing a great note?  Leave in the comments below.  Have you been blessed by a simple note from a friend, or a well timed text?  Share that below as well, we all need to be reminded how the simple things in life truly are the best things.

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