Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What We Bought Last Night...

Yes that is a camera!  A brand new camera and I'm so excited!!!  Husband and I went out without the kiddos to shop (we ate first then shopped).  We started out a Best Buy because they know their stuff about what they sell and I always get fabulous customer service.  Then after deciding what we'd like we drove to a nearby pawn shop...they had a couple nice cameras but just not comprable to what we wanted.  So after checking a couple other shops we headed back to Best Buy to buy our camera!

We picked out the Cannon EOS Rebel T2i and I'm dying to try it out.  Unfortunately they didn't have any left in the store last night but had just received a shipment but the cameras hadn't been unloaded yet.  Because we had to get back to the kids we paid for it and now it is waiting for me to pick her up.

We also picked up a new 8 GB memory card and a new tripod as well.  Now to get some time to practice...good thing I have so many subjects I can photograph.  Even if one is being camera shy I've got four more options :)

More than just the camera for taking pictures of my kids and my creations I'm also excited for this to turn into a hobby for Husband and I to share together.  I had so much fun shopping with him, we both had different questions to ask and both fell in love with this camera.  We have so many plans already!

Is there something you've been saving up for?  Something you're super excited to share?  Let me know!  I know how much fun it is to share in your joys :)

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