Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Techie-Toddler Blues...

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So it's Tuesday and I have no finished garment...boo!  I know, I know this is only the 2nd week and I'm already behind.  However it just over half the month and it is totally a recoverable condition.  Yes I am going to be optimistic :)
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I wish I had photos of all the things I've been working on.  A convertible mitten for my dad, socks for me, mitts for me, Husband's sweater...and that is just the knitting.  I have a shirt I'm working on for me, plus a few Valentine projects and a super cute tute that I'm hoping to have finished by the end of the week!  So don't think I'm not doing anything ;)

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The problem is I have been running into a few roadblocks...one of which I have absolutely no control over and that is my camera.  Last April we bought a new camera...we dropped said camera...camera broke...went to get camera fixed...not covered under warranty...cost to fix=price of new camera...thus we have been without a decent camera for a while.  I am borrowing a camera from my dad but the battery is slowly dying that I can hardly take any pictures without needing to charge it, plus it only takes pics when the camera is cold...so much work

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Thus I have relied heavily on my cell phone...the cell phone that is um...well slow.  Yes, it is new but the technology is really old, 3 years old, so while it does make phone calls, I can text and surf the web... it takes a while...and that includes uploading pics.

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So right now I have the techie blues, waiting for enough money to go buy the camera I really want and waiting also for my phone to be eligible for an upgrade.   Yes, I do have the techie blues indeed.  And the toddler blues...you know the independent 'I do myself' which often turns into screaming and crying because she can't...plus all of a sudden she has decided she doesn't want to use the potty anymore...FRUSTRATING!!!

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As you can imagine I've been drinking copious amounts of coffee, trying to craft and still get groceries bought.  A household of 7 isn't always easy but it certainly is never boring :)


  1. Way to stay positive! What kind of camera are you looking at?

    1. Well I'm looking to get a Cannon Rebel of sorts...I need a good DSLR camera. Then lessons :) I'm hoping to get a good deal on a used or refurbished model. Then come April I'll get a new phone and one prereq is that it has a GOOD camera as it will become my point and shoot for when I'm traveling.

      In my heart I'm a photographer I just have never invested in it but with the blog the time has come :)


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