Thursday, January 26, 2012

#2- My New Shirt

Finally!  I can't tell you how many technical woes I've had trying to post my latest creation.  Add in having 5 kids and the chaos that ensues from them and well it has been a frustrating few days.  Even as I type I get pulled away every few words to remind the kids what they should be doing…leaving me alone!

Still, this past weekend I was able to sit down and get some serious sewing done.  In fact I'm hoping to get some more done tonight.  Now onto the pictures…

My hair isn't that red and I'm not sure I'll ever get used to looking at pictures of myself… still I had to show it off for you,

This is definitely not a one day sit down and sew project.  I worked at it slowly over a couple weeks though the bulk of it was done on Sunday.  I only added one dart on the fronts and it doesn't have any closures yet because I don't know what I want to do.  Buttons?  Snaps? or leave them off all together as I know I'll always wear it belted.

It was much longer than I expected but I do like it.  I can just picture it under a scoop neck vest or over a sleeveless dress for the winter.  It is a perfect grey color and I like the woodwork look to the print…perfect for layering.  Now to make a belt (or 12…you know me) so that I have some variety.  However it wasn't grey when I cut it out and sewed it up.  No, it was pink...

Not my color of pink.  I thought about dying it a darker pink, or even orange but settled on grey simply for the versatility.  I just love dying fabric…so much fun.  To take fabric that you don't love and make it FANTASTIC…well it's just beyond words to explain.  This time I used a Jacquard dye called iDye…I like it more than RIT…plus they have iPoly dyes for fabrics that have polyester or other man made fibers in them.  My poor husband is already overrun by fabric and yarn and I'm adding in dying…I might need a shed just for my crafty love :) 

The pattern is McCalls M5433 and I made option B.  If I ever make the longest size it will be more like a shirt dress on me…not a bad idea just something to know ahead of time.  I paid absolutely zero attention to all the sizing/shaping instructions and just did it as I know how.  Also…ignore all the serger tips they offer…total crap!  Still  I'll use the pattern again.

Well what do you think?  Please tell me if I should keep it as is or add buttons or snaps…I'm desperate for advice.  I'm now 2 garments into my goal…Yay!!!


  1. A beautiful shirt and I do LOVE the color! You are so very patient and talented.

    1. Thanks Michelle…somedays I am more patient than others but when it's something you love to do it's usually easy :)

  2. Wow, great work! I like the color too. I love buttons! You can change the whole look of a piece of clothing with the right buttons. And it is such fun to shop for buttons too!

  3. Thanks, I'm leaning towards buttons but still unsure...


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