Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking Pumpkin with Daddy

Husband has Monday's off.  Let me tell you how much I love him have a weekday off!  It is fantastic.  Sure, Saturday's aren't as much of a weekend because he works, but having him home on days when we have appointments or school events is fabulous.  Makes up for the horrid Saturday's, I promise.  To be honest I love Monday's because My Love is home and I get to enjoy having him around.

Another benefit to him being home on Monday's is he usually does fun stuff with the kids and I get to craft or go grocery shopping or something I wouldn't normally be able to do if he were at work.  Yesterday was no exception.  It was an insanely busy day, we had dentist appointments for the older boys, a check-up with Thaddeus among other things.  Husband, watched the little ones as I ran around and in one of the brief moments we were home together with nothing pressing to do he baked a pumpkin with The Princess.

I have decided that any picture is better than no picture and will not stress if they aren't of fabulous quality.  There will come a day when I get a fabulous camera and can take amazing pictures...but that is not now and I will be glad that cell phones have cameras on them :)

     Elsa hard at work getting the seeds out of the pumpkin...

     transferring the seeds to the baking sheet for cooking...

     father and daughter working side by side...

     Daddy checking on Elsa's progress...

    Elsa checking on Daddy's progress...

I tell you there is nothing that has given me as much joy in this world than to see the love my husband has for our daughter.  I really don't mind the extra spoiling he does for her, or the way he is kinder to her in discipline.  They love each other unashamed and it a blessing to watch <3


So what is your favorite day of the week?  Did anything special happen over the weekend?  I'm in need of a good chat so leave me a note :)

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