Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knitting Showcase!!!

Well, despite my blogging break I haven't taken a break from crafts...in fact I've been knitting more than normal, lucky me :)  I finally finished my sweater for the KAL through luvinthemommyhood, but I'm going to wait a little bit and do a whole post just on that one project...it was HUGE!!!  Still I've gotten a few projects finished.

The first was a birthday hat for the princess.  We went into our LYS on Elsa's birthday and I let her pick out a hank of yarn.  She has great taste as she picked K'acha by Mirasol which is a Merino/Suri Alpaca/Silk blend...scored it at 40% off too!

Have you ever tried to photograph a wiggly 3 year-old while her 18 month-old brother was teasing her with a cell phone camera?  Now you understand the photo quality and are probably thinking WOW that's pretty good ;)

The pattern is Spiral Hat by Marci Blank found in the book 101 Designer Onc-Skein Wonders.  I love this book! Best part, I got it as a gift!  I actually had enough yarn left over to knit a little doll hat but sadly it found its way into the washer and was inadvertently felted :(  Oh well, I have a little more and perhaps I'll try again...

Next up are some slippers I made for my niece for Christmas.  Yay for having a Christmas present made already!  The pattern is Taos Slippers by Dawn Leeseman found in the same book as Elsa's hat, actually all of the projects I've finished lately have been from that book.  I love how quick, easy and of course stash busting the projects are.

Since my foot model was a boy...I'll leave him nameless :)

The yarn is the delicious Malabrigo Worsted which I picked up at a knit night yarn exchange.  It was so wild and funky I just had to get it but when it's knitted up it was much more subtle.  The dark navy blue really complements the fluorescent orange and yellows in the dye and mutes them quite well.  Bravo Malabrigo Yarns!  Bravo!  Seriously I don't think I'll look at a variegated yarn the same way again on the hank :)

Lastly I made a necklace.  Yes, I knitted a necklace!  This is the second one I've made and I have to say I really love it!  The beads, the dark brown yarn well you look and tell me you don't think AMAZING...

This is not only an easy knit, it is a fast one.  Without kids I could make it in under an hour, counting stringing the beads.  So if you want a quick knit with fabulous results look no further.  Again the pattern comes from the the amazing 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book which if you don't have you should go buy...now.  The pattern is the Scallop-Edge Beaded Necklace by Carol Metzger.  You should also check out all the fabulous finished projects of this pattern on ravelry...ah.maz.ing!  What's even better is I used a little left over Knit Picks Palette yarn for this. 

Well I think I've linked enough stuff to keep your mouse worthy of it's job.


So what have you been making?  Christmas is just around the corner for us homemade gift giving girls, are you ready?  I feel like sipping on some hot cocoa, cruisin' through the ideas on pinterest and chatting up a storm with you!  Leave me a note and say hi!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! Love Elsa's purple hat! I don't think I have ever seen a knitted necklace before? It's pretty, but what do you wear it with?

  2. Thanks Michelle. Elsa's hat is actually fuschia ... camera problems can be a real bear grrr! Still it is so precious on her.

    As for the necklace I wore it to church on Sunday with my dress...it was kinda scratchy because of the wool yarn, but honestly I only noticed it if I had nothing to do...so really not a problem for me. I love to wear necklaces, I can't do bracelets they break all the time, and a necklace just adds enough charm to an outfit without much trouble...maybe I'll make you one and you can find something to wear with it :)


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