Monday, October 3, 2011

For Want of a Better Title

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I suppose I took a little vacation from blogging.  Last week was entirely crazy!  Sometimes I just have to cut back to the very bare minimum in things to do and blogging usually gets cut.  I love to blog but sometimes it gets to be too much...the last couple of weeks that was it for us.

Still I'm going to hop right back in with both feet and hope that I can figure out a way to get it all all I mean sewing, knitting, blogging, taking care of kids, homeschooling, soccer practice, soccer games, cooking, feeding and of course sleeping...yeah that's not a whole lot of stuff now is it?

This week we have another birthday, the countdown to the Women's Retreat has begun and I being the sane craftlicious person that I am have decided to join the ranks once again in the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge for the fall.  Honestly, this is just what I need...Greta and I have been getting along famously for clothes for me that I've lost all motivation to sew for anyone else...this must change or I won't be ready for Christmas.  So  I'm going to challenge myself to sew for the kidlets 1 hour everyday for 1 week...the crazy part is that part of the week will be at the retreat so here's hoping!

I promise that while I've been on a blogging break I haven't stopped making things and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to show off what I have been up to...*spoiler alert* it's been knitting.


Well it's Monday, I'm back and Husband's off work for the day so let's chat!  I'll make the coffee and maybe try a new recipe and we can talk Momma fashion, baby woes or better yet yummy yarns!


  1. hiya buffy! can't wait to see what you've been knitting! i've missed you :) also. nice new look on the blog here! xo

  2. Thanks Becca! It's good to be back I'm excited to show off all my knitting but I'm suffering from camera woes (again) so here's hoping I can find something that works...fingers crossed!


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