Monday, October 10, 2011

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge


Yes I am insane.  I am joining in on the fun over at elsie marley to makes some clothes up for the kids.  The basic idea of the challenge is to spend 1 hour everyday for 7 days sewing/knitting/crocheting clothes for kids.  The goal is to get your lazy tush off the couch and actually make something, to get out of the rut of craft window shopping and start finishing.

I really need this push, because I've got some Christmas sewing that has to be done and won't unless I've got people rooting me on.  Now I won't promise to blog about everything I make, but I will try to show off a few of the things I make.

My goal today is to make The Princess her Christmas pajamas.  I have them all cut out, I just need to sew them up.  It shouldn't take more than an hour, but then I'm always saying that.  Honestly I'd be thrilled if I could get all the Christmas Jammies made up this week, but with only Elsa's cut out and my odd phobia of cutting out fabric from my stash...I'm not sure.  Just in case I have some leggings cut out for the I won't be without a project.


Is there something you need to get done too?  Are you in need of a challenge to push yourself to stop the laziness and procrastination and get it done?  Even if you're not into making clothes for kids you can use this as an opportunity to get moving!  So let's forget about the sleep, put the coffee on and get 'er done! 


  1. Love your attitude! You go girl, I'll root for you!

  2. look at you go!! i have got to figure out christmas gifts... what with everything else! eek!! it's coming up fast, isn't it?! can't wait to see all of your creations! xo


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