Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crossing Off My List

The other day as I was preparing to have a full day of sewing away from the kids I dug out every UFO (UnFinished Object) from my sewing area.  I wrote them all down on a master list so I could then decide which ones I wanted to work on.  This is what the master list looked like:

Well, I went sewing and guess what...not much got crossed off that list.  But that was fine with me.  I have this really large sewing project that took up most of my some of the projects I brought had seams to rip out.  However, having written out the list I now have a better idea of what I could work on.  And since then I've been finishing up things left and right.  Wanna see?

This top is actually something I have made for Project First Day.  I heard about this project from Bonnie of Fishsticks Design.  She offered a free PDF of her pattern The Charlie Tee, which can be purchased either as a paper pattern from her site or a PDF file in her Etsy Shop.  

I loved the pattern!  It was super easy to make and fast.  She has great pictures and her directions couldn't be easier.  Plus the sleeves fit like a glove in the arm scythe.  I would totally recommend them to a new sewist or a beginner with knit fabrics.  The pattern is definitely made for the narrow build child, but she mentions in the directions how easy it is to just cut a pattern wider and shorter or narrower and longer to fit YOUR child.  Also with the Charlie Tee she has sizes from infant to adult!  And now with her patterns as PDFs I can see myself buying more...soon ;)

Next is a top for myself.

The perfect length for a long sleeve tee!

This is an original design of mine.  I just love it when I can make my own pattern.  It is a raglan tee and maybe one day if I get faster at this pattern making I'll show you how I do it :)  I started this back in November and while it fit wonderfully the neckline was ridculously large and I wasn't sure what to do about it.  Then I pulled it out of hiding and the proverbial light when on...what about ribbing?  Sure enough 20 minutes of work and my top was finished (time includes measuring my neckline, cutting out ribbing, pinning and was fast!).  

I'd like to say I can't believe it took me so long to figure out a solution.  However, one thing I have learned over the years of sewing and in this last year of upcycling and pattern making is that sometimes the best solution to a problem is simply to let it brew in the massive pile of UFOs.  While it is brewing you continue to make more projects and then when you get it out you have more ideas from other projects that prepare you to know how to fix it.  I'd compare it to making wine...but I haven't a clue how you make wine so I'll let the analogy pass.

Last I have a little lunch bag or perhaps a small knitting bag that all I had to do was add the drawstrings to.  Super fast fix!

After my day of sewing I decided that there were some projects that just weren't ever going to get finished or that they weren't working out and I didn't want to do the major overhaul to make things work so I threw out a lot of projects.  So this is what my LIST looks like now:


I hope you like what I've made and maybe I've inspired you to pull out a few projects to finish.  Maybe you're like me and have been suddenly struck by the and you're to do list is getting smaller.  Let's talk about our projects and have a nice little party about our accomplishments!


  1. Love the shirts you made! I was looking at this blog and thought of you. Check it out:
    Love, Michelle

  2. Oh my goodness Michelle that dress is amazing! I totally want to make it myself...though I think I would keep the long hem cause I'm into that.


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