Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life Is Never Boring

Hello all!  We all had a great weekend.  I got some sewing, knitting and even some writing done this weekend.  While my wish list was bigger than my time I'm not bemoaning anything.  I had a fun just hanging out with my kids and not worrying about what got done or what didn't.

I have several finished projects that I want to show you all but I think I'll work to get them up tomorrow. Today I thought it would be best just to give you a little glimpse into my life with all the kids.  These are just a few pics I've taken over the last month or so with my cell phone and they're unedited and full of chaotic glory.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Vinny is such a character and while I know we shouldn't play favorites with our kids I think I love his smile best of all.  You can't see from this picture but he has a wonderful heart shaped face and dimples that brings out the point in his chin adorably so when he grins and I just melt each time I see it.

These pictures were taken on the way back up to our house from the bus.  Samuel had decided this day he wanted to walk backwards the whole way up.  That boy is so silly :)

Thaddeus is such an investigator.  He is always opening up cupboard doors, pulling everything out of the drawers and then sitting down to play simply by trying to figure out how everything works.  He's a thinker that's for sure.

Of course he is the youngest and is often subjected to the playful tortures of his older siblings.  As you can see he is completely used to them stuffing things into his shirt and simply just sits and waits until someone removes the offending object or it falls out.  In this case it is a stuffed monkey.  Oh the woes of being the baby.

The weather has finally warmed up enough to be outside more and while I'd rather send them out and stay inside to sew but they really do prefer it if I come along with them.  And while it means less sewing time for me, I usually bring my knitting or a notebook and get something made all the while snapping cute pics of them playing together :)

Lincoln has become a die hard baseball fan and is currently trying to push convince his favorites on Thaddeus.  Perhaps the two of them will be playing catch next summer :)

What mother doesn't hope that her children will get along?  Well, I'm very lucky in that Lincoln adores his younger brothers and sister and willingly shares a spot to read to them or just point out pictures in a book.  Just looking at this pic makes my heart sigh...I can only imagine how I'll feel in another ten years.

Life with five kids isn't for everyone and it certainly isn't easy, but one thing is for sure Life is NEVER boring!


I hope you had a great weekend!  Getting back into the swing of things is always hard after a long weekend but the work is worth the break.  In what ways is your life full of joy and excitement?  Have you been abandoning the to-do list in favor of time spent outside with the kids like me?  Leave me a note and lets chat!


  1. I think this is my favorite post. I like it a lot!

  2. Enjoy every minute you can spend with the children, while they're young. They grow up so fast. Just remember you are recieving times the love. I know, my 4 boys and 1 daughter are grown now, but I wouldn't trade a minute of their growing years for anything. Aunt Liz

  3. I meant 5 times the love. My fingers don't always type what I'm thinking. Love Aunt Liz

  4. Thank you both for your lovely comments. Yes, there are days when I wish I wasn't quite so busy but I doubt that is a surprise to you.


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