Friday, April 22, 2011

There's a Designer in Me…Somewhere

Hello all!

Some of you might have noticed the link to Rae's Spring Top Sewalong on my sidebar.  I am excited to participate in this selfish sewing contest again this year.  Especially since I'm not recently recovering from the birth of my fifth child.  Like always I have plans, but this year is a little different than last.  In that I only have ONE top I will try to enter.  Not that I don't have hopes for a 2nd or 3rd, but I will feel most accomplished if I can get one done.

The top is one I've been envisioning for months but haven't had time to really sit down and work it out, until now and that only because I'm gonna make time.  I am feeling confidant about it especially since I just finished Elsa's Easter dress:

Yup!  That's right, it is a Buffy Original.  My own pattern.  I am beyond excited about it and making it brought me back to those sketches I drew in high school and college, back before Project Runway, before I heard about blogs let alone craft ones, back when a person got weird looks for saying they wanted to be a fashion designer.  Oh, yeah those were the days.

Want more close ups on the details?  Okay!

 Elsa looks FAB in a square neckline.  So since it's for her, well I'm gonna give her what she looks best in!  I love how the navy blue piping just makes the pink POP all the more.

Isn't the back darling?  I love it!  You'd love it too since there are absolutely no closures of any kind.  I repeat, no closures!  Yup, no zippers, no buttons, no snaps.  It just goes over the head and because of the split upper bodice in the back there is ample room even for the largest of heads.

I love that delicate curve of the piping…mmmm. 

The bottom edge is mixture of gathers and pleats.  How cool is it!  Super awesome in my book.

Lastly, the whole front bodice.  I love those little pleats, a pain in the tushie to get just right but totally worth it!  I think what I love most about this dress are the little details.  Really they didn't add much time to the process but make the overall look more finished and pristine!

I fell in love with this fabric and just had to have it for the girly.  She loved it too!  So much so that when it came time to have them measure and cut it she didn't want to let the bolt go!  Each time she saw me working with it she'd say "my fabic" or look at me and ask "for me?"  So cute.  Don't worry, pics of her in it to come…after Easter of course.

I hope you all enjoyed the dress as much as me.  If you're a little curious I am thinking about getting it ready to be a pattern…not sure though, comment below if you'd be interested.  Also come back tomorrow as I have a big surprise for you guys!

Okay, enough blogging.  Onto designing.



  1. Beautiful dress! I can't wait to see your Easter pictures with Elsbeth modeling your creation. Wait, weren't you all sick on Easter? Well, maybe a Mother's Day dress!? Hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. Thank you both! Yes we were sick over Easter, but there is a pink birthday party we get to go to on Sunday so I'm sure the dress will be just right.


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