Friday, April 29, 2011

Fearless Friday

So after a week of sick kids we're finally getting back into the routine.  Vinny was home from preschool all week not because he was sick but because preschool was out for the week to do home visits.  Fortunately I had already had my home visit so we didn't have to stress about visitors.  Though now I am really ready for things to settle down around here.

Well are you ready for a picture into my real life again?  I thought so.  I know I already posted pictures of my dirty laundry and we won't say anything about me airy my dirty laundry on the internet will we ;)  However, I thought I might actually show you the disaster that is the laundry/sewing/crafting room/alcove.  It really is a teeny tiny area that most would call the mud room or entry way but a girl has got to make room for the craftiness that is her life right?

So here are the dream pictures:

Source via Leticia via Pinterest

Oooh, could I please have this room?  I lurve it!!!  However, this is what I have:

The sewing/crafting area dream space...

Source Cat Morley via Pinterest
Honestly that is seriously the BEST sewing/crafting room EVAR!  It almost looks as if it is your own private cool would that be?  Yet, I am honestly very satisfied to have this simple, yet constantly cluttered sewing area...

Don'tcha love how the pins always spill onto the floor?

My ever to helpful helpers like to do that…a lot.

I know that there are lots of people who craft on their kitchen tables, have to put their machines away as soon as they are finished and I am so blessed to have a husband who understands that and allows me the luxury of a using space that could be used in other less crafty and messy ways.

It is because I have a space to work that I am able to actually do things and not just say I will.  Which leads me to some sneak peak pics of what I've been working on…

I know, it doesn't look like much but really I'm quite certain you'll love it when I'm done.  And because I can't let you go without a little bit of spring

Yes, it is was snowing again this morning as I took Samuel down to the bus.  Crazy!  I bought the flowers yesterday cause they were so pretty and I just needed a little bit of cheer in this seemingly endless winter...perhaps I should declare it Christmas next month that way we can have a little more cheer :)

{{hugs}} to you all and remember that the giveaway ends on Sunday evening so don't forget to enter your name!

Also, if you're really long on time or just need a good laugh or something to read I've posted my thoughts on laundry here.

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