Friday, October 8, 2010

My Life is Crazy!

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to many of you but life with 5 kids is crazy!  This doesn't even take into account that they are all 7 and under.  Currently I will confess to you that I am a little curious into the inner workings of God's thoughts when he blessed us with so many children so close together.  I mean I love them like crazy, but still I am left wondering when I'm going to sleep.

Next, up.  I'm not quite sure how I am suppose to respond when people tell me that I'm 'super mom.'  Really?  I am grateful that people understand how hard it is to be a Momma to 5, but at the same time it is hard to be a Momma to 1!  What about the women who can't have babies, or the mothers who feed their families of 9+ on less than a $1 a day, without reliable running water or electricity.  No health insurance and no government plan to come in and help them when their babies get sick and they have no money.

We are so incredibly blessed here.  I mean it isn't perfect (no where is) but still I feel like what I do with my larger than average American family is not any greater than anyone else.  I lose my temper just like everyone else, my laundry baskets are currently over flowing with dirty clothes because I just can't seem to bring myself to wash them...although I really do love to wash the laundry.  I'll admit that the pridefulness in my sinful nature relishes when someone says to me "oh you are such a super mom!" but the saved part, the Spirit filled part that has been taking up residence in my heart for 16 years says "I'm not doing this, God is."  my self-concious part says "I'm really not all that great."

Now, before I continue I just want you all to be clear that everyone, I mean EVERYONE needs to be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments.  I fall into that category and I love it when people tell me that I'm a good mom, but what I love more is when you're specific.  When I hear that I deserve a medal or something for what I do I think 'you do too' I'm special, but not that special.  However, compliments or even encouragement need to be specific other wise they sound trite or worse they make me feel like I'm on a pedestal...which I will fall off quickly if you stick around to watch.

So if you have some feed back, some idea of what I should do or say when someone is impressed by my parenting skills and I feel completely unworthy of it share.  Leave a comment or email me or better yet call me.  Love to hear your voice.

There.  Stepping off soap box.  Babers is screaming and I must attend to him.  I promise, I'll come back and write some more soon.

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