Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogs, tea, and a quick project

I am so enamored with blogs.  I love reading them.  I love posting on mine.  I love how you can get to know people you might never meet this side of heaven.  The truth in the statement that 'It's a small world after all' is so very true! 

Now I'm not rambling about blogs for the sake of rambling.  No, I actually have a point...blogs give me inspiration for projects.  The pictures also inspire me to take better pictures too, but then I digress.  Anyway, my latest project was a tea wallet.

As you may remember from this post that I had joined in with luvinthemommyhood's tea cup month.  Well Shannon posted an farewell post that had a picture of this project which I immediately put on my MUST MAKE NEXT list.  What I found so amazing is that the project had been a linked project from this blog.  I think that it is so AWESOME how a project can be posted and then linked by people all over the world.  I don't have to read every craft and sewing blog to get ideas from people.  This is just so cool!

So then last night about 9:30ish and nothing is on the television but I'm not ready to go to bed I decide why don't I just make that tea wallet.  I go and dig (alright I pick my two favorite fabrics from the top of the pile) and start in on it.  The fabrics were both cotton so I did use  interfacing.  I sewed it all up, attached the button and Voila!  before 10:30 it was finished...complete with tea bags.  Husband wasn't as thrilled about it as I was but I wasn't too surprised about that.

So I suppose I shouldn't torment you any longer and just post the pictures :)

There you have it!  A quick project.  The only modification is I used elastic for the button closure rather than ribbon or fabric.  I like elastic better because it is so much smaller and easier to open and keep closed.

I promise to report back about my challenge but I have a plan for how I want to do it and well, it's gonna take just a little bit of time.

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