Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yes, I know I just had a baby...the cutest little Thaddeus Xavier who is growing by leaps and bounds...yet I have been sewing. Just yesterday I finished my Easter skirt. Today I have plans to finish up the boys ties and hopefully cut out an outfit for Mr. Thaddeus to wear on Sunday. (Now that I just read what I wrote I'm wondering why I'm blogging now, when I should be sewing.)

However, despite all the plans I busy I'll be once Mom goes home and it will just be Husband and I caring for our 5 children, two with gluten-intolerance and one with Aspergers, all the while I finish up school. Yes, in spite of this I have decided to challenge my sewing abilities and make a couple of tops for Made by Rae's Spring Top Week. I know, I'm crazy a few sheep short of a flock.
I've been following Rae's blog for a while now. She is super creative and has some of the cutest patterns. Last year I had just started reading her blog and missed her Spring Top Week but I am excited to participate this year. I must confess that I'm really participating in this as a way to challenge myself and to make a couple of tops for myself, which I realized this morning I am in desperate need of (seriously I got pregnant in the summer and all I have of the pre-pregnancy tops are tank tops and it is still just a little too cold for those). I am planning on submitting two tops, though I would love to make five but I'm not sure I'll be able to complete 5 tops by the deadline.

I have decided that I'm going to follow Rae's tutorial for a ruffle top I still have to look through the fabric I have to see if there is anything I love, otherwise I'll be off to the fabric store. The next top I hope to make is a peasant top based off of the directions from JoAnn's Design Your Own Peasant Top. I also hope to make a knit top and there are another couple patterns I have that I would love to sew up for myself but I'm not going to push myself to enter 5 tops, in fact I'll be very proud if I enter just one.

I will definitely be blogging about my tops, so stay tuned. Also, watch out if I happen to be a'll have to go over to Rae's site to vote for my shirt. Actually, you should go there now as she has some fabulous ideas. In February she collaborated with Made (another blog you should check out) and had all boy themed posts and now being the mother of 4 boys you can bet I'll be checking back to those posts for a long time.

I won't leave you without some super cute pics of the kiddos as I know that you're all baby junkies.

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