Friday, May 4, 2012

I've Been Sewing, honest!

Just because I haven't blogged about any recent creations lately doesn't mean I haven't been creating.  In fact in four days I made 4 garments for myself...none of which were orange :)  I haven't had a chance to get around to taking pictures of one dress that I made but here are pictures of 3 things that I made.

The first up is this skirt...

You see I've kind of been in a dress funk and while I love it, some days you just want to wear a top (not that you can't wear a top over a dress, I'm doing that today) but a skirt is really nice too.  Except that I am over the top picky about skirts...I want them to look slimming but trendy and easy to put on but go with what I've got.  I saw this skirt...

on Pinterest and knew I had to try and make it myself.  This is attempt #1 and I love it!

I would have made the waistband withe the same striped fabric but I didn't have enough.

This skirt took about 2 yards to make since it is cut on the bias.  I probably spent more time cutting the fabric out than I did sewing it together.  However, taking your time with striped or plaid fabrics is well worth it as the time you spend cutting out you save when you sit down to sew...I pin a little and then just chug it out and my lines always match up because I cut them to do so.

Now I just need to make a maxi length one :)

I have fallen in love with peasant tops, in the sense that they've never gone out of fashion.  Look fabulous on just about everyone.  Can be made from woven or knit fabric.  Though more importantly are beyond easy to make.  I thought it would be fun to make a tunic length top that I could wear alone or under one of my many MODify dresses.

What tunic isn't made perfect with leggings?  So in a couple evenings time I whipped up a pattern for a tunic and leggings and made this wonderful outfit...
I added fun button detail on the leggings

My wardrobe is now 50%-60% handmade and the rest store bought.  There is nothing like going out wearing something you made for yourself.  Sometimes I do get comments about where I found something and it is great to be able to say that I made it.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm trying hard not to go insane or start counting down the days until September when I'll have 3 kids in school all day.  

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  1. Now that is the way to wear stripes on a skirt--so slimming! I think you should make a long one too! I can't believe how you can whip up a tunic and leggings as well...incredible!


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